Update Your Gifts with These XIMIVOGUE Gift Wrapping Supplies


One of the key aspects of a thoughtful and thoughtful gift is the presentation.


Gift wrapping adds unexpected joy to the gift-giving experience. Luckily, there are a few supplies that can streamline everything you have on your plate during the busy gift-wrapping process.


Equip yourself with everything you need to make someone's day with this list of gift-wrapping essentials to have on hand.


01  XIMIVOGUE gliding printed gift wrapping paper


Stocking up on beautiful wrapping paper is a great place to start when gathering the essentials to wrap your holiday gifts.


Gilding Printed Gift Wrapping Paper


Nothing says gift-giving more than sparkling designs. This wrapping paper is ideal for wrapping gifts for different occasions.


It's thick enough not to tear easily but thin enough to bend easily. Gifts will be most beautiful when wrapped in this sophisticated wrapping paper.


02  XIMIVOGUE gift wrapping ribbon


After finding the perfect wrapping paper, it's time to add a pretty holiday ribbon.


Solid Color Golden Rim Decorative Ribbon Roll


Ribbons add drama and appeal to your wrapping paper. It's a special and easy way to make a gift complete.


With 10 colors to choose from, this ribbon set from XIMIVOGUE is the ribbon you'll want to have on hand for your holiday gift-wrapping needs.


03  XIMIVOGUW gift wrapping stickers & tape set


If you don't want to mess around with any type of ribbon, then washi tapes and stickers are the choice for you.


Cute Stickers & Tape Set


These sets of tape and stickers would be great to put on envelopes if you're giving away gift cards or crafts. They also make lovely decorative accents on solid-colored gift-wrapping paper.


Coming in a set, you'll have plenty to help you through the gift-wrapping process.


04  XIMIVOGUE raffia grass


When wrapping delicate or fragile items, place raffia around the item for added protection.


Raffia Grass 50g


Available in a variety of colors, this raffia adds character and a rustic aesthetic when put inside a gift box.


Simply spread and place the gift on the shredded raffia paper for a striking overall look.


05  XIMIVOGUE twinkle star gift box


When purchasing the essentials to wrap gifts for the holidays, don't forget to buy gift boxes.


Stars Twinkle Series Rectangular Gift Box


Keep all your gift-wrapping essentials clean, accessible, and in pristine condition with a gift-wrapping organizer.


These sparkling star gift boxes have the power to make gift-giving magical. Fill them in with great gifts, they can prove that you know and care enough about someone.


06  XIMIVOGUE dream color gift bag


There are times when you don't have time to wrap a gift.


Dream Color Geometric Gift Bag


Keep a few gift bags on hand for last-minute gift-wrapping emergencies. Arrive in style with your gifts safely stored in adorable gift bags.


By using gift bags, you will enjoy certain benefits that will help you save time, money, and effort.

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