XIMIVOGUE Choker Necklaces To Update Your Outfit


Today, the choker is a classic wardrobe item, still present in the permanent collections of many jewelry brands.


These shorter neck ornaments have a versatile aesthetic that is no doubt due to the enduring place they have held in jewelry trends from the '90s to today.


Worn alone or layered for a modern look, you can find a statement or minimalist choker that suits you every day here in XIMIVOGUE.


01  XIMIVOGUE white rose choker


The finishing touch to any warm weather look, this rose-inspired style updates the '90s-inspired classic with a touch of femininity.


Fabric Rose Choker


It doesn't have to be an everyday item, but it is a work of art that will delight you every time you wear it.


Pair it with your favorite black and white pieces for an unforgettable monochrome look.


02  XIMIVOGUE camellia choker


This necklace gives the perfect vintage look that will make people mistake you for Audrey Hepburn.


Splicing Camellia Choker


Doubly interesting, it features a pearl design and a rhinestone necklace decorated with charming camellias.


It's simple but loud and has the perfect amount of seductive energy without being too much.


03  XIMIVOGUE Saturn choker


Wearing necklaces accented with rhinestones is sure to add eye-catching sparkle, especially for formal events.


Shining Saturn Choker


Not your typical necklace, this necklace accentuates Saturn's embellishment to add a touch of sparkle that your jewelry choices are lacking.


Wear your shirt with an equally shiny shirt for maximum shine.


04  XIMIVOGUE daisy choker


With a golden sparkle and decorated with rhinestones, the necklace will look stunning paired with an off-the-shoulder dress or a simple outfit.


Exquisite Zircon Choker


The daisy pendant makes this a romantic and sophisticated piece, perfect for date night and minimalist enough for everyday life.


This simple design can be worn alone or paired with other pieces for a more sophisticated, maximalist look.


05  XIMIVOGUE clavicle choker


When an outfit calls for accessories to spruce up a look, you'll be happy to have this clavicle necklace in your arsenal.


All-Match Clavicle Choker


With adorable charms like the poker element, this piece will take you out of your comfort zone by adding a bit of color and fun to your hairstyle.


With its casual vibe, you can never go wrong wearing it.


06  XIMIVOGUE baroque choker


With its punk roots, the necklace remains feminine with faux pearls and cherry and floral embellishments.


Baroque Choker Necklace


Channel our inner superstar and complement any leather jacket, combat boots, or edgy look.


The bold silver color will compliment everything from your favorite black t-shirt to a white cotton shirt for an overall feel.

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