Sparkling XIMIVOGUE Crown Combs To Make You Like A Princess


When it comes to choosing a princess outfit, it's not just the dress that matters. Accessories will help complete your look to ensure you look stunning on your princess day.


A crown comb can make any girl feel like a queen. Whether you're looking for one to pair your princess style with or want to add it to your bun to give your party hair a little upgrade, XIMIVOGUE has rounded up a roundup of noteworthy crown combs. Get ready to bring the glamour!


01  XIMIVOGUE swan crown comb


This crown comb looks like a swan, giving it a modern, whimsical feel.


Gorgeous Swan Crown Comb Hairpin


You will feel like a beauty queen with it. Shimmering colors will suit classic or avant-garde looks.


It can be worn in the front, back, or side of the hair to suit any hairstyle.


02  XIMIVOGUE colored crown comb


Adding a little color is the way to go for a modern princess, especially if the color is bright.


All-Match Crown Comb Hairpin


This option is a romantic version that you can then coordinate with many other aspects of your princess outfit.


Small star details stand out against the silver background, creating a unique accessory that will shine in photos.


03  XIMIVOGUE fabric crown comb


The mini crown comb with pearls and colorful fabric exudes playful romance.


Fabric Crown Comb Hairpin


Its ethereal design highlights the true beauty of nature to ensure a striking and unique look, suitable for many styles of princess dresses.


The design also features bright fabrics so even when the sun goes down, you can still sparkle.


04  XIMIVOGUE rhinestone crown comb


If you consider yourself a minimalist, a delicate rhinestone crown comb with a touch of sparkle is a glamorous, sophisticated way to elevate a look of simple elegance.


Classic Rhinestone Crown Comb Hairpin


Rhinestone accents make it versatile enough to pair with everything from a bold, nontraditional dress to a sleek sheath dress.


You'll definitely be grateful for its design, whether you choose to wear it in a bun or let your luscious locks flow.


05  XIMIVOGUE pearl crown comb


For a princess headpiece that won't overshadow your hairstyle, look no further than this crown comb.


Classic Pearl Crown Comb Hairpin


It has it all: blooming flowers, delicate pearls, and sparkling diamonds.


Delicate patterns and subtle pearl accents elegantly balance the height of it. This silver accessory is perfect for simple, formal events.


06  XIMIVOGUE fairy crown comb


This crown comb is supported by a scalloped base for a stunningly glamorous look.


Classic Fairy Crown Comb Hairpin


It is designed in a heart shape with a structured rhinestone band, creating the perfect princess hair accessory.


It's big enough to make a statement but not so big that it overwhelms your princess outfit.

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