Cute and Convenient XIMIVOGUE Nail Stickers for Fashionistas


In today's world of fashion and self-expression, nail art has become a popular trend.


Modern nail stickers are easy to use and can create professional-looking nail art in minutes, just peel and stick.


It's time to say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional nail painting and enjoy the versatility and convenience of these nail stickers for your personality.


01  XIMIVOGUE purple bunny and dog nail stickers


This sticker set includes lots of attractive designs (bunnies, dogs, bows, checkered signs, etc.).


Bowknot Mini Nail Art Stickers 12 Pcs 1#


The pastel purple finish is subtle as a gentle nail color but also suits all skin tones.


Trust us, you'll fool everyone into thinking you had your nails done by a professional.


02  XIMIVOGUE blue and pink nail stickers


If you're drawn to the chic nail art trend on Instagram but don't know how to create your designs at home, get this set of nail stickers.


Bowknot Mini Nail Art Stickers 12 Pcs 2#


This set of nail stickers offers a range of pretty designs, from bunnies to flowers, heart shapes, and more. Try out each set, or mix and match as you please—it's up to you!


Unleash your nail creativity with this nail sticker set.


03  XIMIVOGUE rainbow and unicorn nail stickers


If you want to capitalize on your unicorn fascination, these nail stickers are a fun way to give your manicure a unique look with very little effort.


Bowknot Mini Nail Art Stickers 12 Pcs 3#


Come in 12 pieces per sheet, these nail stickers can be mixed and matched in different colors.


They are perfect if you're looking for something to put in gift bags for your child's birthday party.


04  XIMIVOGUE polka dot nail stickers


Add a 90s vibe to your look with these vintage-inspired nail wraps.


Bowknot Mini Nail Art Stickers 12 Pcs 4#


If you're into vintage vibes 365 days a year, these nail stickers will make you want to pull out your favorite polka-dot tankini.


The delicate and super glossy finish and minimalistic design will make everyone think it is a classic painting.


05  XIMIVOGUE sky series nail stickers


Here are some sky-themed stickers that are perfect for finishing off a bright and playful manicure design.


Bowknot Mini Nail Art Stickers 12 Pcs 5#


This set includes sky-themed images such as clouds, rainbows, and skies. It's sure to be a fun and vibrant addition to your nail art collection.


These nails are waterproof and last for several days, so you can wear them even in the shower or swimming.


06  XIMIVOGUE dessert series nail stickers


Do you like the idea of applying dessert to your manicure? You'll love these stickers!


Bowknot Mini Nail Art Stickers 12 Pcs 6#


We have a complete set of stickers with images of your favorite desserts, including cakes, sweets, and more.  


Add a happy mood to your fingertips with this mood-enhancing nail sticker set.

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