Creative and Functional XIMIVOGUE Lunch Boxes


For people who often carry meals around in their daily lives, a reliable lunch box is very important. Ideally, this means less waste and more enjoyment than using disposable boxes.


Whether you're looking for a sandwich, a hot lunch, or a grab-and-go snack, we have a lunch box to suit every eater.


With them, you can always take your favorite food with you to work, school, picnics, etc.


01  XIMIVOGUE rectangular tree pattern lunch box


With two separate vertically stacked compartments, this lunch box allows you to store two meals separately without mixing them up.


Rectangular Tree Pattern Lunch Box


This stylish, leak-proof lunch box is not only a convenience, but also a statement, enriching your dining experience.


It also includes a spoon and a fork, which is every gourmet's dream.


02  XIMIVOGUE duckling lunch box


If you want to pack your meals colorfully and practically, this lunch box is for you.


Duckling Lunch Box with Spoon and Fork


Designed to appeal to young palates and make eating easy, it is compact yet spacious.


Overall, this is a very trendy lunchbox with a good balance of content and style.


03  XIMIVOGUE avocado glass lunch box


If you want a practical storage solution with less plastic, we highly recommend this lunch box.


950ml/32.1fl.oz. Round Avocado Pattern Glass Preservation Box (Green)


High-quality plastic lid and silicone seal keep meals fresh and prevent spills. Additionally, the steam release button ensures a hassle-free microwave experience.


The spacious capacity allows you to store large salads, pasta, and vegetables, making it perfect for on-the-go meals.


04  XIMIVOGUE bear lunch box


A good lunch box should have separate sections for packing different types of food.


Bear Lunch Box with Spoon and Fork


This lunch box from XIMIVOGUE features three practical compartments to keep your food separate and prevent unwanted flavors from contaminating it.


Perfect for dishes with lots of components, such as sushi and mezze.


05  XIMIVOGUE colorful fruits lunch box


With rounded corners and glossy pastel colors, this lunch box shines in a rainbow of trendy colors and is as enchanting as a pile of jelly beans.


Round Colorful Fruits Lunch Box with Spoon and Fork


If you're serious about your work lunches, this bento box-style lunch box will give you plenty of options to go with your meal.


It can be filled with a large sandwich and a handful of chips, or a bean and corn salad.


06  XIMIVOGUE solid color lunch box


This lunch box is perfect if leftover baked ziti or beef and broccoli is your idea of a delicious lunch.


2400ml/81.1fl.oz. Simple Solid Color Preservation Box (Green)WF006P


It's not as cute as other bento boxes, but you will be satisfied with its practicality.


It is secured with four small but effective locking latches, and you'll love the contrast of the green color against the clear box.

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