XIMIVOGUE New Joint Operation Store in Indonesia



XIMIVOGUE new joint operation store opening ceremony


Congratulations on the grand re-opening of XIMI VOGUE stores in Jakarta, Indonesia! Wishing its business never-ending success from the grand opening day to many years of operation!


To seek additional business models to generate more profit, XIMIVOGUE launched "joint operation" recently, a new business model that is quite suitable for those who prefer to have a stable income.



XIMIVOGUE’s new joint operation store in Indonesia


Indonesia, as one of the main markets of XIMIVOGUE’s international expansion, is carefully selected as the pilot country for the joint operation business model of XIMIVOGUE.  


Over the past years, XIMIVOGUE seized the opportunity to enhance its brand awareness by opening global stores one by one.


To further shape its international development and growth potential, XIMIVOGUE decided to set up its new business model in Indonesia.


Now let XIMIVOGUE share you with some details of this new joint operation store in Indonesia.



Wonderful dance performance on XIMIVOGUE opening day


Jakarta, the capital and largest metropolis of Indonesia, is well known as the economic, cultural, and political center of Indonesia. Given the internationally advantageous position of Jakarta, XIMIVOGUE finally selected it as the pilot city for its joint operation mode in the Indonesian market.


The benefits of starting this new business in the CBD area include increased revenue and expanded marketing presence. Due to the mall's high foot traffic, ensuring this new store has a strong customer base.



XIMIVOGUE Indonesia’s new store layout


Since its opening, this new store has attracted a large number of customers, thanks to its appealing store design, rich categories of products of the latest fashion trends, and tidy and neat store layout. Together with the creative selfie frames and wonderful dance performance, this new store successfully drew the attention of a lot of customers and thus improved its sales performance.



About XIMIVOGUE in Indonesia


Since signing the master franchise agreement in the Indonesian market, XIMIVOGUE has already opened 7 stores in Indonesia. So far, the Indonesian branch covers downtown areas such as Jakarta, Medan, Tangerang, and Surabaya.


All these stores are ideally located within Indonesia's top shopping centers. They have a competitive advantage in proximity to their customers.



XIMIVOGUE’s joint operation business model


Among the many advantages and benefits of XIMIVOGUE's joint operation business model is that it maximizes profits with minimal investment and risks.


With the professional one-stop operation by XIMIVOGUE headquarters, this business model is both time and money-saving.


Now XIMIVOGUE is developing different types of cooperation models, for more information, please feel free to contact us!

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