Embrace The Upcoming Spring with XIMIVOGUE Garden Styled Bags


The arrival of spring brings new vitality as the days grow longer and nature awakens.


There's never been a better time to buy spring-inspired items. Get in the spirit of the season by decking yourself out with these garden-inspired bags.


Great for spring picnics, garden parties, and relaxing walks in the park, these bags are best carried under the sun.


01  XIMIVOGUE garden backpack for kids


For kids who love nature, floral backpacks are perfect for garden activities and nature walks.


Fragrance Garden Kids Backpack


These backpacks are decorated with many tulips and roses, creating a fresh and dynamic look.


It has enough space for school supplies, lunch, and a change of clothes, and has two practical pockets to store your water bottle.


02  XIMIVOGUE garden shoulder bag


Inspired by the beauty of gardens, these shoulder bags will add a touch of nature to your everyday style.


Fragrance Garden Shoulder Bag


Soft pastel tones and vibrant floral patterns create a visually appealing vibe that complements a variety of outfits.


The generous straps and loose fit are large enough to hold all your items, including your phone.


03  XIMIVOGUE garden crossbody bag


A floral crossbody bag is more than just an accessory, it's a statement piece, allowing you to carry the spring spirit wherever your adventures take you.


Fragrance Garden Pearl Mini Crossbody Bag


Wear it comfortably slung over your body, leaving your hands free to explore nature trails or enjoy a walk in the garden.


Create the perfect spring ensemble by harmonizing your clothes and bags.


04  XIMIVOGUE garden cosmetic bag


Whether you're jet-setting to a new destination or simply heading to work,  garden-inspired makeup bags are the perfect way to carry your beauty essentials in style and express your affinity for nature.


Fragrance Garden Cosmetic Bag


The main compartment of this cosmetic bag is easy to open and close, and the central compartment provides easy access to small items.


Thanks to the practical external strap, you can carry it vertically or horizontally as you prefer.


05  XIMIVOGUE garden long wallet


Expressing a connection to nature through a simple botanical motif, this long purse makes a unique and meaningful design.


Garden Classical Floral Long Purse for Ladies


The elongated shape of this wallet not only adds an elegant touch but also provides ample storage space. Features a bill compartment, zippered coin purse, two internal pockets, and 10 card slots.


Whether you're attending a garden party, a casual brunch, or a more formal event, it easily matches a variety of styles and outfits.


06  XIMIVOGUE garden card holder


For those who love the tranquility of a garden and want a piece of nature in their pocket, these card holders offer an elegant and quirky solution.


Garden Elegant Flower Card Holder


The pin-snap closure ensures your cards won't fall out, and the interior pocket beautifully stores frequently used credit cards.


Each card holder becomes a canvas full of floral delights that express the beauty of nature.

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