Wear XIMIVOGUE Pearls for A Comeback Pearlcore Trend


Now, many trends from the '80s and '90s are coming back, including pearls.


Pearls were featured all over the Spring/Summer 2024 runways, from New York to Paris, London, and Milan.


Looking for some inspiration to get started? Here are our six ways to dress up and look stylish with pearls this year. Take notes.


01  XIMIVOGUE pearl hair pins


Pearl hair pins are the classic MVP in any girl’s jewelry box, and the good news is that you can still wear them with a 2024 upgrade.


Simple Pearl Hair Clips


Whether stacked, worn on either side of a center part, or worn solo, this one from XIMIVOGUE adds an instant sweetness to any look.


On the other hand, it is embellished with rhinestones and can be worn with fancier dresses and gowns to create a stunning opulent look.


02  XIMIVOGUE pearl headband


When the headband trend meets pearls, you know it's going to be a notable style moment.


Retro Elegant Pearl Thin Women's Headband


With a floral base and pearl embellishments, this headband is perfect for adding a delicate, feminine, and unmistakable sparkle to your OOTD.


Because it is thin, so it goes with any outfit and hairstyle and can be paired with any evening dress without adding too much bulk.


03  XIMIVOGUE colorful pearl necklace


While traditional pearl necklaces will never go out of style, today's designers are using pearls in jewelry in very unique ways.


CH-Colorful Freshwater Pearl Necklace


Pair it with this eye-catching pearl necklace featuring jewel-like colored beads for a pop of color and an edgy look.


You can style it either tightly or loosely around your neck.


04  XIMIVOGUE double-layered pearl ring


Gone are the days when symmetry ruled the roost.


Double-Layered Pearl Ring


This ring has a trendy double-layer design. The two layers of pearls delicately placed on it create depth and three-dimensionality.


It is aimed at those who love minimalist yet statement jewelry.


05  XIMIVOGUE bowknot pearl earrings


If you're getting ready in a hurry and don't have much time to choose elaborate earrings to match your outfit, pearl earrings are the perfect choice.


Bowknot Pearl Double Sided Earrings


A modern and fashionable way to wear pearls is to combine them with metal to give your look more dimension like these earrings.


When worn, pin your hair into a slicked-back bun to grab attention. You'll love how it beautifully catches the light every time you turn around.

06  XIMIVOGUE pearl buckle belt for women


Alternatively, you can also choose a unique pearl buckle belt that will easily take your style to the next level.


Pearl Round Buckle Thin Belt for Women


The buckle of this belt has large and small pearls. With the right combination, this belt will help you create an expressive atmosphere.


Whether it's cinching the waist of a flowing dress or adding definition to a tailored blazer, it is a styling tool that any fashion-forward woman will love.

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