6 XIMIVOGUE Basic Hair Ties To Prevent Breakage


Anyone with medium-length hair knows that a good hair tie is important to keep hair out of your face while sleeping, exercising, or eating outdoors.


Gone are the days of hair ties with metal tips. The best hair ties on the market have thankfully evolved. It keeps your hairstyle in place all day long, protects your delicate hair, and looks super cute.


Check out our list of the best hair ties. These soft, stretchy hair ties don't break, and some even double as wrist treats.


01  XIMIVOGUE braided hair tie set


We love big scrunchies, but that doesn't mean we don't love their tiny versions too.


Classy Accessory Hair Ties 7 Pcs


This set of colorful braided hair ties is the perfect combination of cuteness and practicality. It looks and feels great on your wrist as well as in your hair.


The stretchy fabric holds your hair in place, but it's soft and lightweight so you won't get a headache.


02  XIMIVOGUE coil hair ties


The last thing you want to do during a sweaty session is refix your ponytail.


Clear Redish Brown Spiral Hair Ties 5 Pcs


These coiled hair ties are waterproof so you won't get wet with sweat during intense workouts, making them perfect for the gym.


Plus, they are easy to clean and won't wear out over time.


03  XIMIVOGUE terry hair tie set


These terry hair ties come in three coffee tones that are perfect for brunette hair.


Terry Hair Ties in Clear Bucket 6 Pcs


It's strong and won't snag or damage your hair, ensuring your hairstyle lasts all day long.


Bonus: they are great for giving you a lift, and visually thickening a stronger ponytail.


04  XIMIVOGUE colorful hair ties


These candy-colored hair ties are the first choice for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement with hair accessories.


Spring & Summer New Colorful Basic Hair Tie #7


It looks and feels a vibe of spring and features a bow design to accentuate your standard ponytail.


There's one in every shade imaginable to add some sparkle to your look. Choose one of these to match your hair color.


05  XIMIVOGUE star-shaped tiny hair ties


A great classic black hair tie is a must-have for all hair types.


Elegant Star Shaped Hair Ties 2 PCS


These tiny hair ties are perfect for securing the ends of braids, topknots, small ponytails, and buns because they won't get caught, pulled, or damaged in your hair.


The calm black color makes it easy to match with any outfit, and the gold accents catch the light and add a touch of glamour.


06  XIMIVOGUE Barbie pink hair ties


Playful and sophisticated, the shade of Barbie pink adds a vibrant, eye-catching element to any hairstyle.


Ladylike Hair Ties Set #9


This hair tie in Barbie pink hues is an elastic hair band that won't snag and will last all day long. Perfect for quick and easy hairstyling on the go, they can be easily removed from your hair.


Even if you want to tie your hair back during your break with these hair ties, you can sleep comfortably.

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