6 Cute and Colorful Press On Nails Sets Designed for Beginners


Going to a nail salon costs money and time. However, painting your nails at home can be difficult if you don't have steady hands. Solution? Press-on nails.


Unlike the press-on nails of the past, today's products feature cool designs and modern shapes and are easy to use.


These XIMIVOGUE press-on nail sets offer a variety of chic designs and are easy to apply and remove, making them an ideal option for at-home manicures.


01  XIMIVOGUE red tulip press-on nail set


You can't go wrong with red, and the square shape of this pressed nail makes it even more sophisticated.


Little Baby Fake Nails 24 Pcs 12#


These press-ons feature a different tulip design on each nail, but the color palette remains consistent.


Plus, who doesn't want to add a fun check pattern as a finishing touch to an elegant ensemble?


02  XIMIVOGUE rainbow and cloud press-on nail set


Perfect press-on nails with a keyboard-friendly length and candy colors? It doesn't get any better than this set.


Little Baby Fake Nails 24 Pcs 1#


Adorned in four hues, this rainbow press-on nail set is reminiscent of a picturesque sky after a rain shower.


You'll love the airy look and feel that rivals salon-quality nails.


03  XIMIVOGUE unicorn press-on nail set


Want to get your nails done without going all out? Press-on nails with a dreamy unicorn finish are right up your alley.


Little Baby Fake Nails 24 Pcs 9#


Featuring a combination of pastel colors, enchanting unicorn motifs, and other fantasy elements, it turns your fingertips into a whimsical and magical canvas.


If you're seeing the latest trends on social media, this set might be for you.


04  XIMIVOGUE leopard print and heart press-on nail set


Animal prints are some of the most intricate types of nail art, but these press-on nails are so good you'll believe they are created in a salon.


Little Baby Fake Nails 24 Pcs 2#


This set of press-on nails with bright leopard patterns is perfect for letting your fingers do the talking.


The cute heart graphics on it will make you want to take pictures right away.


05  XIMIVOGUE flower series press-on nail set


If you're looking for refreshing press-on nails this spring, be sure to check out this set.


Little Baby Fake Nails 24 Pcs 5#


Simple and sophisticated, this brightly colored floral press-on nail set gives the illusion of a gel mani that usually takes hours.


Aside from its aesthetic appeal, its waterproof design is strong enough to withstand everyday tasks like washing dishes and folding laundry.


06  XIMIVOGUE festival series press-on nail set


With the holidays and celebrations in full swing, now is the perfect time to beautify your nails and get your look ready for the party season.


Little Baby Fake Nails 24 Pcs 6#


These are the perfect press-on nails if you want to receive lots of compliments thanks to their eye-catching and festive design.


Let's cheer for their bright colors, designs, and prints (balloons, ribbons, roses, etc.).

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