Prepare These Rainy Day Essentials for Kids in XIMIVOGUE


Rainy days can be very fun days for kids. The splashing of puddles, the smell of fresh rain, and the sound of raindrops falling on an umbrella can create memories that will last a lifetime.


As a parent, you can't protect your kids from rainy days, but you can take precautions and consider essential supplies for your child.


XIMIVOGUE has carefully selected reliable necessities for rainy days so that kids can play in the water to their heart's content without getting soaked!


01  XIMIVOGUE color changing umbrella for kids


Adding a light and colorful umbrella to your kid's rainy-day equipment is a good decision.


Kids will love this umbrella, which changes color when raindrops fall and returns to its original color when dry.


Animal Land Color Changing Kids Umbrella (Yellow)


Its design is bright enough to keep your kids from getting lost in the playground, and fun enough to make even kids who don't like the rain want to go outside.


Decorated with characters such as lions, foxes, bears, and zebras, kids always wish it would rain. Soon they'll be looking forward to rainy days just to use this umbrella.


02  XIMIVOGUE waterproof school bag


While your kids are happily jumping in the rain or splashing in puddles, they may not realize that all the books and stationery in their bags are wet.


Colorful Transparent Children's Backpack


This option from XIMIVOGUE provides reliable protection from the rain. Your kids can brave wet weather with confidence without having to constantly worry about their belongings getting wet.


Its transparency offers a glimpse into a vibrant world of school supplies, showcasing the colorful personality of a young adventurer.


03  XIMIVOGUE cartoon EVA sandals for kids


What's essential for a rainy day game? Rain sandals.


Designed with an EVA upper for grip on slippery surfaces, this pair of sandals offers a comfortable fit and features a pull-on loop for easy on and off.


Cute Series Soft Comfortable Sandals for Kids (Light Blue)


Kids will love this colorful option they can dress up on their own with minimal help.


Go out and play all day long with these sandals! Kids will love it because they can jump into puddles to their heart's content.


04  XIMIVOGUE portable wet wipes


When children jump into puddles or make mud cakes on rainy days,  their hands, faces, and clothes inevitably get dirty.


A portable set of wet wipes will help your kids quickly remove stains. Even if they splash water everywhere, they can keep their body clean and then go home to clean up the rest.


Pink Portable Hand and Mouth Wet Wipes (20 PCS*5 Bag)


These gently formulated wet wipes are ideal to ensure they are suitable for kid's sensitive skin.


Kids will love the cartoon design that easily stores in their bags and easily takes them anywhere.


05  XIMIVOGUE small towel for kids


No matter how strong and durable rain gear your kids protect themselves with, they are likely to get wet in the rain.


Absorbent and quick-drying towels are a must-have for your kids when it rains so they can easily dry off when needed.

Animal Paradise Series Small Towel


Invest in this small towel to keep your kids dry at all times.


In some cases, it can be used to wipe away rainwater from the inside of bags and umbrellas, and even from seats before sitting down.

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