Invest in These XIMIVOGUE Claw Clips for Every Hairstyle


The 90s were the absolute peak of beauty and fashion. For this reason, we welcome the return of claw clips with open arms.


Claw clips effectively lift our hair away from our faces and add a stylish touch to any hairstyle or outfit.


Ready to dive into the world of claw clips? Read on for our favorite picks.


01  XIMIVOGUE wide teeth claw clip


New to the claw clip trend? You can't go wrong with this classic claw clip.


Milk Coffee Dull-Polished Series Long Claw Clip


This wide-teeth claw clip is perfect for curly hair. Its large size and strong clasp hold lots of hair in place.


Whether you need a claw clip for a chic updo or a long hair clip to keep your hair out of the way in the kitchen, this claw clip won't let you down.


02  XIMIVOGUE pearl metal claw clip


If you want a durable option that can hold your hair in place for hours, choose metal claw clips.


Basic Pearl Metal Claw Clip


This pearl claw clip will add Victorian elegance to your style. The elegant gold design gives it a jewel-like feel.


Its design, which is a combination of a claw and a banana clip,  is less bulky than others and provides a better grip.


03  XIMIVOGUE colorful mini claw clip set


These mini octopus-style clips are perfect for little ones or for those days when you want to pin up little pieces of hair.


Colorful Mini Claw Clip #7


They can easily recreate different hairstyles, so it's great for traveling, keeping them in your bag, to the gym, or in your makeup kit.


Add charm and beauty to your hair with these colorful and stylish claw clips!


04  XIMIVOGUE small glossy claw clip


If you don't need all your hair in claw clips and want a half-up or half-down style, these small claw clips are perfect.


Glossy Jelly Small Claw Clip


Anyone with fine hair will appreciate the lightness and comfort of this clip. It won't dig into your scalp or tug on sensitive hair.


This style includes three stylish options in tortoiseshell, white, and black patterns so you can mix and match with any outfit or occasion.


05  XIMIVOGUE polka dot claw clip


When you want to put your hair up quickly, but don't want it to look too sloppy, a simple, textured claw clip is the way to go.


Coffee Polka Dot Claw Clip #4


This claw clip has a uniform design and is suitable for all hair types. The acrylic finish adds elegance and sophistication to your hairstyle.


With its rectangular shape and non-slip design, it will keep your hair in place whether it's an elegant updo or a casual half-updo.


06  XIMIVOGUE plush cat paw claw clip


If you want to pamper yourself and add something special to your look, this claw clip is for you - cute, functional, and fashionable at the same time.


Cat Paw Claw Clip


With a fun pink cat paw design, it is great to have on trendy days.


Pair it with a cozy knit sweater and your favorite boots for the perfect winter ensemble.

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