XIMIVOGUE Kids Backpacks Ideal for School


Whether you're sending your kids to school or daycare, going on a family adventure, or just looking for a place to store their little treasures, backpacks are a handy and cute accessory.


Give your kid a backpack to pack with essentials for day trips. It also gives your kid a sense of responsibility,  so it's a win-win.


From kid's backpacks that last for years to chic kids' backpacks perfect for the first day of school, XIMIVOGUE has put together a selection to help you choose.


01  XIMIVOGUE elephant silicone backpack


If you're looking for something really small until your kid starts kindergarten, this lightweight option is perfect.


Cute Elephant Silicone Backpack


This mini elephant backpack is a must-have for your little explorer. Its fun elephant design features prominent ears and a pop-it toy design. It also has small eyes and eyebrows that your kid doesn't want to take off.


To clean, just wipe it down.


02  XIMIVOGUE outing panda backpack


It's no surprise to anyone that kids tend to prefer the most colorful and fun options. And this backpack fits the bill perfectly.


Outing Diary Kids Backpack


This is the perfect backpack for hiking and day trips. Featuring front pockets, side water bottle pockets, and adjustable straps, it's got all the bells and whistles.


Ideal for daycare centers and primary schools, it offers the perfect blend of space and comfort.


03  XIMIVOGUE magic pony spangle backpack


If your kid is into current trends and wants a magical pony backpack,  this is great.


With padded shoulder straps, this backpack fits comfortably on your child's shoulders.


Dream Pony Double Sided Spangle Backpack


It's big enough to hold school folders,  lunch bags, water bottles, towels, and swimsuits.


It is also convenient for weekends, school holidays, family trips, etc.


04  XIMIVOGUE mermaid backpack


This sequin backpack is amazing. Featuring a mermaid design on the front (complete with sequins), your kid won't be able to resist the sparkle of this backpack.


Mermaid Spangle U-Shaped Backpack


With wide, adjustable shoulder straps and two bottle holders, this backpack is perfect for storing all your kid's belongings.


It's the perfect size for older kids to take to school and has room for workbooks and textbooks.


05  XIMIVOGUE contrast color backpack


This backpack offers structural and protective features without losing the casualness essential to a chic look.


Two-Color Series Backpack


The square design provides a useful yet lightweight fit that will last a long time.


Moreover, the bright color combination excites kids enough.


06  XIMIVOGUE toast backpack


This backpack is covered in bright colors and cute toast patterns, making it both functional and educational.


Toast Animal Backpack for Kids


The backpack has a top handle that allows you to carry the bag when your child is not carrying it on their back.


It will accompany children to the playground for years and will take them on holidays.

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