XIMIVOGUE Basic Makeup Brushes Designed for Makeup Lovers


Makeup brushes are an essential part of any beauty lover's kit - just ask the people around you who are the best at makeup.


Artists are only as good as their tools. That's why you should add some makeup brushes to your collection to meet all your beauty needs.


Which makeup brushes do you need? Follow our guide to learn all about the best makeup brushes and get top tips on how to use them.


01  XIMIVOGUE eyeshadow blending brush


Rather than relying on a single color, you can blend the eyeshadow colors to create an ombre effect by using a blending brush.


Color Series Soft Pink Small Blending Brush


If you want to add a little more glamor to your eye makeup, this eyeshadow blending brush is perfect for you.


To add depth and definition, apply a shadow in the crease. Fluffy bristles and tapered edges make it easy to contour, blend, and apply with precision.


02  XIMIVOGUE eyeliner brush


The most striking way to emphasize and define your eyes is to apply eyeliner.


Color Series Soft Pink Eyeliner Brush


Applying eyeliner can be difficult, especially if you prefer gel or cream liners, but this eyeliner brush will help you with that.


How to use: Dip it into eyeliner and apply it to the eyelash line. Start from the inner corner of the eye and work your way out.


03  XIMIVOGUE angled contour brush


Contouring is another makeup trend that isn't going away anytime soon.


Color Series Soft Pink Contour Brush


Whether you prefer intense contouring or a more diffuser effect, the right contour brush can help you achieve your desired look.


This angled contour brush fits snugly into the hollows of your cheeks, creating a defined contour. It's perfect for buffing contour and bronzer, and can also be used as a foundation brush in a pinch.


04  XIMIVOGUE highlighter brush


To create highlights that aren't too streaky or patchy, you need a brush that glides effortlessly over your cheekbones, like this highlighter brush.


Color Series Soft Pink Highlighter Brush


The slightly tapered shape gives your face a subtle glow and even finish.


It can be used to highlight eyebrows, eyes, and other areas that need contrast to stand out.


05  XIMIVOGUE blush brush


Applying blush is a really fun part of makeup, but sometimes you can get a little too enthusiastic about it.


Colored Candy Handle Blush Brush


To apply blush seamlessly across your cheeks, you'll need a fluffy, slightly angled brush for precision.


This blush brush from XIMIVOGUE is super soft, hits the cheekbones perfectly, and pairs well with liquid and powder blushes.


06  XIMIVOGUE powder brush


Want to lock in your makeup? Expand your makeup brush set with powder brushes!


Colored Candy Handle Powder Brush


Whether you're applying loose or pressed powder, this fluffy brush provides the most natural and effortless application.


Just dip it in your favorite powder, tap off the excess powder, and twirl to apply. It can also be used to blend smudged blush or bronzer.

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