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XIMIVOGUE is a global fast fashion franchise brand that has been well-known among consumers and franchisees for years. Its products are based on Korean design, keep updated 800 ones monthly.

This report is about XIMIVOGUE’s entry into Latvia market. According to the store owner, the market of XIMIVOGUE in Latvia is pretty good. Everything is showing positive trends for XIMIVOGUE in Latvia. 

XIMIVOGUE on Franchising.lv

The owner also revealed that household items and plush toys are really popular. It is due to the precise product positioning and efforts from both sides.  

XIMIVOGUE offers more than 7,000 products in 8 categories. The store products cover various fields of household, health & beauty, office series, fashion series and so forth. XIMIVOGUE has established its global franchise channels for years. Now it has opened more than 1600 stores all over the world. 

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