Importance and Techniques of Having Great After Sales Service


In sales and marketing, we usually emphasize creating fantastic products and closing deals. However, after selling the goods, it is important to meet the wants and desires of customers.


In this post, XIMIVOGUE will show you the importance and some techniques of having great after-sales services to turn new customers into brand-loyal advocates. 

What is after-sales service?


After-sales service includes a range of customer service and supports you give after your customers have purchased your products.


As nearly a required component of every brand’s total marketing objective, after-sales service has a meaningful ROI for any business because it helps customers maximize the value they get.


Why is after-sales service important?


After-sales service is crucial for the longevity of a business for ensuring repeat customers, improving reputation referrals, and maintaining a positive brand image.


A satisfied customer is a walking advertisement, it attracts more income to the business and boosts the chances of receiving positive feedback, and produces a bigger ROI.  

Techniques of having great after-sales service


1. Express appreciation to customers


Express appreciation will help a brand stand out in the minds of the customers because it shows that a brand spent time acknowledging them individually.


Express appreciation also lets a brand receive valuable feedback that it can use to improve its service going forward.


2. Customize the customer experience


After the sale, customizing the customer experience by things like sending personalized content can add value to the customer experience.


Further, because you are providing customers with the experience they need, they are far less likely to leave your brand for a competitor. 

3. Provide online assistance


Providing online assistance is a new form of after-sales service.


E-commerce platforms and customer service hotlines are helpful to listen to the customers’ inquiries and give appropriate counsel for their convenience. You can set up a hotline available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide in-time assistance.


4. Implement a loyalty program


Loyal customers spend more and buy products more often than new customers. If you treat your existing customers well, they will choose you over other brands when they are next looking to make a purchase.


If you have loyal customers who repeatedly return to your brand, you can reward them with a loyalty program by offering perks, gifts, or discounts. It is an effective strategy to generate revenue and new leads through better word-of-mouth referrals.

5. Maintain communication


A brand needs to stay in touch with the customers even after the deal.


You can continuously maintain communication with your customer by calling them to exchange pleasantries, sending an attentive email on special holidays, or giving them all the information they need.


By doing so, you will show your professionalism and expertise and may take feedback on the products and services from them. It helps you to know the customers better to make the necessary changes. 

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