XIMIVOGUE on The Scoop


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XIMIVOGUE on The Scoop

Here, The Scoop gave special attention to XIMIVOGUE, a Korean-styled fast fashion brand, which opened its fourth store in Brunei.

The 4th XIMIVOGUE store in Brunei

It was a great step for XIMIVOGUE in Brunei market. Only within 3 months since it was first entered the local market, its fourth store opened as well.

As the manager said, XIMIVOGUE stores will bring 400 to 800 new products for Bruneians every month. To keep stores fresh and expectations for consumers has always been their plans, which is consistent with XIMIVOGUE’s mission, “deliver happiness and surprise to global consumers”.

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Phone: +86-20-666-00099

Website: https://www.ximiso.com