What Consumers Most Focus On in 2023


As we step into the year 2023, businesses will need to contend with shifting consumer demands.


Read on for insight into consumers most focus on in 2023, and strategic recommendations to drive better business faster. 

Robots & Automation


From your household appliances to store checkouts, robots, and automation are all around us. They are embedded into our lives - often without us even realizing them.


In 2023, digital is a dominant force, but emotional connections are not to be underestimated. Your customers could feel disconnected from your business if you rely too much on digital. Humans and machines need to be in sync to create a seamless experience. 

Environmental Consciousness


As we move further into the future, we are becoming more aware of the environmental impact our shopping habits have on the planet. Therefore, “environmental consciousness” will become increasingly important in the way that consumers shop.


Businesses that understand this trend and continue to prioritize environmental consciousness in their business models will be at an advantage and stand out from their competitors. 

Tightening Spending


The cost of living crisis is undermining purchasing power of consumers. We are trying to stretch our cash and get the most for our money.


Consumer shopping habits are trending toward saving money and price comparison. We opt for affordable, flexible options like incentives or resale. Businesses need to implement solutions that help consumers save while also evaluating overhead expenses. 

Control The Screen Scroll Time


Consumers are still addicted to their devices, but screen time is more selective from mindless to mindful.


A majority of consumers are becoming choosier about how that screen scroll time is spent. They are deleting, unsubscribing, or opting out of some apps.


Businesses should regulate the notifications. App or platform functionalities need to add value and help consumers control the scroll. 

Game Becomes The Mainstream


From phone games to esports, gaming hits the mainstream. And more brands are creating payable products that are geared towards gaming culture.


Brands should consider holistic gaming culture and how to tailor their offerings to consumers. 

Advocate For Gender Equality Opportunities


Consumers are standing up in solidarity for gender equality. Fair representation and equity are important factors in women’s purchase decisions.


Advocating for equal opportunities should be a business pledge but not an advertising ploy. 

Find Balance Between Work & Life


Fatigue is setting in and consumers want to go about their days without draining their energy in the process.


Consumers now are putting personal needs above all else. We are seeking products that promote stress relief, well-being, and relaxation. 

Refocus On Themselves


Consumers will be eager to refocus on themselves and are ready for a confidence boost.


Brands can help them rethink who they are, and provide new experiences or products that feed their curiosity. 

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