XIMIVOGUE at Global Sources Hong Kong Show


As consumers return to normal, the demands for lifestyle and fashion rebound rapidly. Exhibitions with fashion and lifestyle themes have been more and more popular among consumers and suppliers all over the world.


To discover more business opportunities, international fast fashion brand XIMIVOGUE attended the Global Sources Hong Kong Show and achieved a good performance at this event.  


Let’s have a look at what XIMIVOGUE showed at this event:

1. Professional XIMIVOGUE team


In order to further enhance its brand awareness and reach heightened levels of success, XIMIVOGUE assigned a professional team on-site, providing attentive services to consumers and potential cooperative partners.


Here XIMIVOGUE showcased itself in various aspects, such as its cooperation models, how it works, how it helps franchisees earn money, what will it bring, and most importantly, how it delivers happiness and surprise to global consumers and cooperative partners.


Its strength and advantages attracted several famous media reports and successfully generated global exposure.



2. XIMIVOGUE brand strength


XIMIVOGUE is an international fast-fashion franchise brand offering fashionable and practical FMCGs.


Currently, XIMIVOGUE has opened over 1400 stores in 66 countries and regions such as Australia, USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Singapore, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, China, India, Indonesia, Armenia, etc.


XIMIVOGUE now possesses a warehouse with over 50,000 square meters and over 8,000 employees in 8 operating centers. It has cooperated with over 30 agents and franchisees in around 60 countries and regions globally.  


During the show, a lot of visitors, suppliers, and purchasers expressed their interest in cooperating with XIMIVOGUE, which further enhanced XIMIVOGUE's brand awareness and brought many possibilities for business opportunities.


3. XIMIVOGUE’s best-selling products


During the show, XIMIVOGUE showcased its best-selling products in 10 main categories, all of high quality, and practicality, at affordable prices and keeping pace with the latest fashion trends.


With a well-managed relationship with over 1,000 reliable suppliers, XIMIVOGUE is able to provide franchisees with fast fashion daily goods by eliminating many costs and increasing the efficiency of our services to enhance sales profitability.


Here visitors were able to find what kinds of products are sold well in XIMIVOGUE and how they meet the fashion needs of global consumers.



4. Eye-catching booth design


A good exhibition booth design should not only catch the attention of visitors but also bring potential business opportunities.


Benefiting from the vibrant yellow and soothing Marrs green color scheme, XIMIVOGUE gave a good first impression to a lot of visitors. Tidy product display, funny free gifts, together with warm and welcoming lighting, all contributed to creating a good effect on visitors, making XIMIVOGUE stand out and increased its visibility.


Since its first day at the event, XIMIVOGUE has successfully drawn attention from a certain number of leads and gained several cooperation opportunities.


In the near future, XIMIVOGUE will attend relevant exhibitions all over the world. We are looking forward to your participation!

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