Upcoming XIMIVOGUE Vegetable Family and Ocean Friends Series


XIMIVOGUE is pleased to announce that two new series relevant to our daily life will be launched soon!


We build the future together and our planet faces environmental problems. Vegetation changes, ocean pollution, and carbon emissions are actual and urgent problems. Therefore, it is crucial to start learning about the importance of our oceans and vegetables as early as possible.


Inspired by the importance of vegetables and our ocean friends in our daily life, XIMIVOGUE is getting ready to raise people’s consciousness of environmental protection and healthy life.


Here comes the good news! XIMIVOGUE vegetable family series and ocean series are coming in the near days!


Read on and keep following us to know more about these two series!



XIMIVOGUE Vegetable Family Series


Global warming has become one of the most serious threats to the global environment we ever faced. The single most important step that an individual can take to reduce global warming faster than focusing on carbon dioxide emissions is to adopt a vegetarian diet.


Generally use less energy, water, and land, vegetables have lower greenhouse gas intensities than animal-based foods.


In view of these, XIMIVOGUE developed a vegetable family series to help remind consumers to save the planet and its animals. What is more, vegetables provide a wealth of nutrients essential to the health and maintenance of our health.


Featuring cute cartoon eggplant, cucumber, tomato, and carrot images as its main family members, this vegetable series is too lovely to resist! Are you ready to show off these cute friends that look good enough to eat? Keep following XIMIVOGUE!


XIMIVOGUE Ocean Friends Series


Oceans are home to millions of animal and plant species, they are balanced ecosystems and their function is crucial to the balance of all life on Earth.


Oceans and their animals feed us, regulate our climate, and generate the oxygen we breathe, Therefore, taking care of the oceans and ocean animals is essential for our own well-being.


XIMIVOGUE equally loves the ocean and with our extensive research, we have come up with a list of the best gifts for ocean lovers.


Let us give you some ideas on the beautiful creatures and the best ocean-themed products! You will appreciate and actually use them in various aspects of your daily life.


With adorable cartoon images of crabs, octopuses, dolphins, and seals, these ocean friends will rest assured to put a smile on your face!


Are you still longing for more? Just keep an eye on our upcoming new series!


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