XIMIVOGUE at 133rd Canton Fair Phase 2


XIMIVOGUE at the 133rd Canton Fair


Congratulations to XIMIVOGUE’s success at the 133rd Canton Fair (phase 2)!


Held every spring and autumn in Guangzhou, China, the Canton Fair is a top international trade event, boasting an impressive history and enormous size and scope. Exhibiting a wide range of products, it attracts buyers and sellers from all over the world and has generated a lot of business dealings.


To seek insightful overseas franchisees and buyers, XIMIVOGUE attended the 133rd Canton Fair (phases 2 & 3), with the aim of further enhancing its brand awareness, attracting cooperation, and delivering happiness and surprises to global consumers.


Featuring exhibits of daily consumer goods, gifts, and home decorations, the 133rd Canton Fair Phase 2 is well known as a large platform for people wanting to source these products, to know the latest trends for specific types of products, or to look for ideas for their businesses.


Closely consistent with the theme of the 133rd Canton Fair (phase 2), XIMIVOGUE successfully drew a lot of attention from people all over the world and achieved great success during this event.


Let’s show you XIMIVOGUE’s success at the 133rd Canton Fair (phase 2).



Excellent booth design


One of the contributors to XIMIVOGUE’s eye-catching visual effect belongs to its outstanding booth design.


Ideally located at the pearl promenade of the canton fair, which is exactly one of the entrances of the Canton Fair, XIMIVOGUE immediately arouses the interest and attention of the public. The public stopped moving when going past XIMIVOGUE’s booth and admiring its distinctive and captivating design.


Through a variety of booth ideas such as best-selling products, adorable Pikachu displaying shelf, and more, XIMIVOGUE was highly appreciated for its impressive business model “global franchise” and mission “deliver happiness and surprise to global consumers” showcased clearly on its booth.


What is more, its comfortable lighting, tidy booth arrangement, and brand introduction on the screen also attracted the public to take photos and which also brought several business opportunities and a potential customer base.



Professional XIMIVOGUE team


During this event, XIMIVOGUE assigned a professional team to help consumers and partners to have a better understanding of our brand.


By distributing brochures and XIMIVOGUE bags, the XIMIVOGUE team came to the notice of numerous people. During the event, XIMIVOGUE attracted a lot of potential partners to visit our stores in Guangzhou and successfully signed several cooperation agreements.


Apart from the promotion, the XIMIVOGUE team also offered a detailed introduction to its business and cooperation models to the potential partners. Together with the comfy negotiation environment, XIMIVOGUE has further improved its reputation during the event.


XIMIVOGUE will still attend the Canton Fair (phase 3) and the autumn session this year. We are looking forward to your participation!

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