XIMIVOGUE May Day Gift Ideas To Reward Employees


May Day is known as a great time to honor the hard work of those who labor so many days throughout the year.


As an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of workers, May Day is also important for a business to show gratitude toward their employees.


Whether you are looking for simple appreciation gifts to celebrate your employees and their hard work, or just want to give gifts that bring happiness during the celebration, you will find the best gifts from XIMIVOGUE below.


Let’s get started!


01  XIMIVOGUE fox waist cushion


Let your hardworking employees enjoy their day off on May Day with a nice cushion to take a load off and enjoy the break.


Fox Waist Cushion (Brown)


Made of polyester that is warm, lightweight, and cozy, this cushion allows your employees to unwind in their environment.


It also will be a perfect option on the go or for sitting at their touch or bedside.


02  XIMIVOGUE Bluetooth headset


There are lots of distractions at work, and a headset can help your employees tune out the chaos and focus on what needs to get done.


Simple Bluetooth Headset (White) TM-078


This headset with Bluetooth function is a travel must-have you can gift your employees who travel a lot.


Offering top-notch sound quality, this headset also has an excellent noise-canceling feature to block background noise.


03  XIMIVOGUE macaron color ceramic cup


During those morning-hour shifts, employees always relied on their handy tea or coffee to get them through the morning.


350ml/11.8fl.oz. Macaron Color Expectation Series Ceramic Cup


An inspirational ceramic cup is a useful gift to show your appreciation to employees and give them extra energy.


There is also a leaked-proof lid to prevent accidental spills when they are moving from a working desk to a conference room.


04  XIMIVOGUE yummy fast food square lunch bag


An eco-friendly reusable lunch bag allows for convenient and cool transportation of food items fit for a meal.


Yummy Fast Food Square Lunch Bag


The patterns are inspired by the yummy fast food, radiating the merry celebration.


Gift your employees these lunch bags with some snacks or chilled beverages, and they will feel surely well appreciated.


05  XIMIVOGUE cool style large frame sunglasses


Rock May Day this year by giving these cool-style sunglasses to all employees.


Cool Style Large Frame Sunglasses


The funky design along with the large frames makes a great fashion item for employees who join the outdoor activities during May Day.


These trendy sunglasses will easily grab the attention of not just your employees but also everyone around.


06  XIMIVOGUE humidifier with light


It is time to upgrade the daily devices for your employees to increase their productivity and make their day more enjoyable.


160ml/5.4fl.oz. Simple Humidifier with Light (White) LT-9022


This mini humidifier is easy to power - simply connect it to a laptop or any USB outlet, and the cool mist will disperse to raise the humidity.


It is incredibly portable and can be taken with you while you are driving or at work.

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