Tactics To Increase Customer Stickiness


Customer stickiness is an important factor in whether a business grows or stagnates and fizzles out. It keeps businesses healthy, stable, and profitable.


Read on to dive further into precisely what customer stickiness is and what you can do to increase your customer stickiness.



What is customer stickiness?


In business, customer stickiness refers to the likelihood of a customer purchasing a product more than once based on value proposition, such as pricing, convenience, product quality, engagement experience, and other transactional factors.


How to increase customer stickiness?


01  Give a good first impression


The first step towards customer stickiness is a good first impression.


First impressions linger in customers’ minds, sticking with them when they buy a product for the first or several times. In addition, it provides the foundation for a brand relationship, whether it is short-term or long-term.


What makes a good first impression? An experience that builds trust, attracts customers and delivers value.


For example, you can provide personalized services, informative and interactive product demonstrations, events, or excellent incentives.



02  Deliver excellent customer service


Delivering excellent customer service is one of the most important things you can do to increase customer stickiness.


This means being responsive to customer needs, handling complaints quickly and effectively, and delivering a great experience.


What you see little things such as speed, quality, and follow-through may be very big in the eyes of a customer, and what can help your brand lead the pack.


03  Create unique brand value


There are many brands out there offering the same product or service as yours, so why would the customers stick with you?


Show your customers that you have something better than your competitors. It can be quality, price, affordability, or customer experience.


Once you’ve established what your brand value is, it is time to introduce it to the whole team. Everyone needs to understand what the brand is all about, so they can deliver that to the customers.



04  Get customer feedback


Getting feedback is essential in identifying the advantages and disadvantages of your business and brand.


It will help offer you insight into what aspects of your product or service are working well and what require improvements.


There are two groups of customers you need to hear from: your current customers and those who have left your business. The current customers can tell you about their pain points with your brand and give you the chance to save them. Your past customers are likely to speak more frankly.



05  Be active on social media platforms


Social media platforms are beneficial for brands to advertise, engage with their audience, and attract new consumers.


If you are active on social media platforms, it is likely that customers are talking about your brand.


Take the time to check for brand mentions on popular social media platforms regularly. This gives you a good opportunity to engage with your audience and collect invaluable data.


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