XIMIVOGUE Stationery Essentials That Every Student Should Have


Stationery essentials are the things that every student needs while studying.


From helping you be productive to making it easy to remember things, having good stationery can not only make your academic career easier, but it may make it more enjoyable as well.


Here are some essential stationery items every student should make part of their routine day. Let’s have a look at the list!


01  XIMIVOGUE pencil set


A pencil is one of the most essential stationery items whether you are a schoolboy or a college student.


Pencil Set #1


If you like writing, drawing, making graphs, drafting outlines, and more, then you probably want to add this pencil set to your stationery list.


You also have an eraser and a sharpener in this set for those times when you need to make changes or corrections to your work.


02  XIMIVOGUE multicolor ball-point pen 0.5mm


Just like the pencil, ball-point pens are essential for taking notes.


Vegetable Ten Colors Ball-Point Pen 0.5mm


Using multicolor ball-point pens while taking notes can make your notes wonderful.


This one with 10 colors not only organizes your notes but also helps you to memorize more easily. You can use its red color for writing questions, black color for key points, and others for general answers.


03  XIMIVOGUE triangle highlighter set


Highlighters are a valuable tool for students who want to identify key points or improve their learning and study skills.


Fluorescent Triangle Nite Writer Pen Set


When it comes to revision time, these highlighters from XIMIVOGUE should be a staple in your arsenal.


They make it easier for you to read the highlighted information later particularly useful when studying for exams or reviewing your notes.


04  XIMIVOGUE hardcover notebook A5


Students will need a reliable notebook to jot down lecture notes, to-do lists, sketches, drawings, and more.


Summerland Series Hardcover Notebook A5


A trusty notebook will take you far, this one with a durable cover and strong binding is going to be your constant companion throughout the semester.


Add these summer-themed notebooks to your stationery supplies list and fill them up with your brilliant thoughts!


05  XIMIVOGUE sticky notes


Without sticky notes, a thing or two will slip out of your mind.


Stacking Sticky Notes


Coming in a variety of sizes and colors, these sticky notes are used for making quick important reminders.


You can use them to organize your study notes to label chapters, add points, make goals, or make additional notes to your textbook or notebook.


06  XIMIVOGUE bookmark ruler


A ruler is a mathematical tool used for drawing lines, geometry diagrams, and measuring things.


Exquisite Hollowed Out Bookmark Ruler


Who would opt for a boring ruler when you could buy a bookmark ruler instead? No one.


This unique ruler is made of flexible iron and is able to fit into your pencil case.

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