XIMIVOGUE New Store in Nicaragua


XIMIVOGUE’s new store in Estelí, Nicaragua


Congratulations on the grand opening of XIMIVOGUE’s new store in Estelí, Nicaragua! May its business prosper even more throughout the year!


A store location is a place a business sells products in person. Location can make or break a new store. When it comes to opening a new store, choosing a location for the new store is one of the most important decisions we will make.


It is crucial to select a convenient place near targeted customers and has enough space to properly display products. As we all know, the best store location is in a high-traffic area where our potential customers are known to shop. It allows you to ease off on local marketing.


Widely arranged products in 10 categories


Ideally located in a famous large shopping mall, this new store attracts a lot of people to visit and thus generates high revenue. Taking advantage of the high foot traffic from the shopping mall, this new store is successfully exposed to thousands of shoppers, all without excessive advertising. Along with its appealing store design, it has had a steady flow of customers since its opening.


What is more, by selling widely used products, this new store attracts a wide customer base, which is beneficial for its sales performance. Keeping pace with the latest fast fashion trends, the products sold in this new store can be classified into 10 main categories, covering various aspects of our life.


Satisfied consumers at XIMIVOGUE


Effective store marketing increases the awareness of a brand and its products and services. By means of inviting internet celebrities and TV stars, this new store added value to the shopping process. The result showed that consumers' purchase intentions were further improved by this new store’s marketing.


Together with other promotional activities such as offering discounts, the customers were more motivated to buy products from this new store than others.


XIMIVOGUE’s new store layout


With over 10 years of experience in franchising, XIMIVOGUE has opened more than 1400 stores in 66 countries. Our mission is to deliver happiness and surprises to global consumers.  


Are you interested in such a fast fashion franchise store? Follow the below steps to discover more franchise opportunities with us!


01. Apply: complete the online application, and get a reply from XIMIVOGUE.

02. Visit: visit a store nearby or visit the company/store/warehouse in XIMIVOGUE headquarters.

03. Sign: sign the agreement online or offline.

04. Open: open the XIMIVOGUE store, and get long-term service & support.

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