XIMIVOGUE Claw Clips That Will Dominate 2023


A fun thing about trends is that they are often cyclical.


One of the throwback trends making its return is the claw clip. This ‘90s must-have is a fashionable and functional accessory that every girl should have in their kit. It is a gentle accessory that holds your hair up without tugging your strands.


Ready to dive into the world of claw clips? Read on for XIMIVOGUE’s favorite picks for you.  


01  XIMIVOGUE bowknot plaid claw clips


Seemingly a hybrid between a claw and several bowknots, these claw clips look great paired with your summer frocks.


Ladylike Bowknot Plaid Series Claw Clip


You will love how lightweight these feel in your hair. They are textile and plastic and don’t pull like some metal ones you’ve tried.


The three shades work with any hair color, so you can match them as you.


02  XIMIVOGUE coloring cloud-shaped claw clips


These cloud-shaped claw clips are strong, lovely, and bound to make all of your friends gasp and ask “Where did you get that cute cloud?!”


Purple Coloring Cloud Claw Clips


More like jewelry than hair accessories, these claw clips promise to add a bit of fun to your look.


Make a statement with them, which will suit every outfit in your wardrobe.


03  XIMIVOGUE wavy metal claw clips


If you are looking for an easy hairstyle for the office or have a strict monochrome policy, let’s introduce you to these brilliant wavy claw clips.


Wavy Metal Claw Clips


With extra spaced-out teeth, these claw clips are designed for curly, coiled, and kinky strands.


As soon as summer hits, expect to see you strolling around the beach, with these claw clips clipping beachy waves out of your face.


04  XIMIVOGUE double side contrast color claw clips


Everyone should have a set of small claw clips like these. They make it easy to recreate many hairstyles and are great for travel.


Plaid Double Side Contrast Color Claw Clips


If you are looking to add some pizazz to your look, these claw clips will do the job at equal parts cute, fashionable, and functional.


You will love the fun double-sided prints, which will bag you many compliments.


05  XIMIVOGUE matte butterfly-shaped claw clips


If you have fine or short hair, a mini iteration may be best. These tiny claw clips work well for an updo or half-up-half-down look.


Matte Butterfly Shaped Claw Clip


Small but mighty, they have interlocking teeth that help grip your hair.


Coming in just about every color under the sun, these claw clips can add some fun detailing to any hairstyle.


06  XIMIVOGUE large flower claw clip.


For the cutest summer hair accessory, XIMIVOGUE recommends reaching for this floral claw clip


Large Flower Claw Clips


It is large enough to hold your hair, and cute enough to be just the right accessory for your summer.


Its design genuinely captures the shape and color of the petals. If you want the tropical vacation feel, pick it.


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