Polka Dot Trends with XIMIVOGUE


Look reminiscent of the 80s, polka dots are one of those trends that continue to find their way into the world’s chicest trends season after season.


Good news for polka dot fans: the resurgence of the polka dots is not slowing down any time soon.


Whether you prefer black and white polka dots or colorful ones, XIMIVOGUE has plenty of pretty picks to choose from.


01  XIMIVOGUE polka dot ribbon braided straw hat


Transition your outdoor trip into summer with a playful polka-dot straw hat.


Classic Elegant Polka Dot Ribbon Braided Straw Hat


This straw hat is all about going to the beach and beyond. It is light-weighted which makes it the ideal summer gear to flaunt.


It looks super cute and does a great job of shading your entire face.  


02  XIMIVOGUE polka dot handbag


We like to let a polka dot piece go with our look to take the spotlight, which could be a bag, and keep the rest of the look minimal and understated.


Cute Polka Dot Handbag


Proving less is more, these retro polka dot handbags make for a sleek, elevated look.


Whether you are heading to the office, or just taking a leisurely walk around town, these are the best handbags to sling over your shoulder.


03  XIMIVOGUE polka dot series 5-fold umbrella


Keep it chic with a polka-dotted umbrella sure to be a statement from sunny days to rainy days.


Classic Polka Dot Series 5-Fold Umbrella


They are so compact that they fit in the palm of your hand. You can easily stash them in your crossbody, backpack, or pocket.


You also don’t have to stick to the classic black-and-white combination either, there are six color options out there.


04  XIMIVOGUE polka dot series headband


If you don’t want to go “head to toe” polka dots, try channeling the 80s wave of polka dots with these graceful statement-making headbands.


Polka Dot Series Headband


Top off a breezy spring dress or T-shirt with them, they are the perfect way to add a splash of joy to your outfit.


Whether you are heading to a party or simply meeting your friend for a picnic, you could pull off any look with them.


05  XIMIVOGUE polka dot double-layered shower cap


When you add a 80s-style shower cap it will add a little fun to your everyday shower time.


Polka Dot Double Layers Shower Cap (Pink)


Designed with double layers, this shower cap contains a splashproof polyester outer layer and an EVA inner layer that is skin-friendly and water-resistant.


Just wear it over your head after applying a hair mask and let it work its magic.


06  XIMIVOGUE polka dot eyelash curler


Your eyelashes require equal love and attention, too.


Dream Pony Series Large Polka Dot Eyelash Curler


These polka dot eyelash curlers from soft colors are very adorable to enhance your eye makeup.


They are designed with built-in combs, which separate your eyelashes smoothly and create a natural curling effect.

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