XIMIVOGUE Card Holders for Slim Look


No matter who you are and what your current financial situation is, you undoubtedly have s card or two lying around at all times.


The last thing you want to have to happen is to lose your cards and then have to go through the tedious process of ordering another one.


Over the past few years, an increasing number of cardholders have been manufactured and released. XIMIVOGUE has so many options to select from nowadays so it is really up to you what you will be going for.


01  XIMIVOGUE toast puppy card holder


It is a simple, soft artificial leather card holder that is classy without being overly flashy.


Toast Puppy Card Holder


The accordion design keeps it super slim, you will delight in flipping open and perusing your cards with it.


Its roomy pouch can hold your cards, cash, and maybe a spare key, too.


02  XIMIVOGUE sweet cheese card holder


You will love this slim card holder if you are just carrying the most-used cards.


Sweet Cheese Card Holder


With four slots to slip your cards into, this card holder will fit in any pocket. Backpack, pouch, or briefcase.


There are cheese holes on it that allow you to easily push your cards up to access the one you need.


03  XIMIVOGUE dual-color detachable card holder


With an attractive and stylish two-tone design, this card holder is a work of art that will set you apart from every other cardholder guy around you.


Trendy Dual-Color Detachable Card Holder


The neat feature about it is that you can detach it into two pieces if you don’t like its exterior, making this a cute style choice.


Overall this card holder is perfect for just carrying around cards.


04  XIMIVOGUE garden flower card holder


This card holder is curved to complement the bottom of most of the pockets.


Garden Elegant Flower Card Holder


Its snap closure locks securely to keep everything safe when you don’t need it.


It performs more like a mini wallet, housing cash, checks, and other little pieces of paper you come across while out and about.


05  XIMIVOGUE lazy bear card holder


Clearly designed for travel, this card holder features two easy-access card windows in the same panel.


Lazy White Bear Styling Card Holder


It is worth it for the minimalist who wants a gloried sleeve for your cards.


While it is thin, it can easily hold several cards, which makes it useful for the modern-day businesswoman.


06  XIMIVOGUE summer drinks card holder keychain


This card holder is so slim and sophisticated that you will take it everywhere you go but barely notice it is there.


Summer Drinks Card Holder Keychain


Coming with a metal clip, this card holder allows you to connect it to your belt, keychain, or lanyard.


Its hard-shell case keeps your card safe from impact, friction, and water.

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