Essential Items To Help You Build Up A British Retro Style


As one of the most iconic styles in the world especially during Autumn and Winter, the British style is characterized by individuality and attention to detail.


British fashion trends continue to influence culture all over the world while trends repeat and evolve.


If you are a fan of British style and want to invest in some pieces that feel undeniably British then read on!


01  XIMIVOGUE retro British-style backpack


A British-style backpack marks an effortless addition to your preppy style with just the right amount of attitude.


Retro British Crocodile Pattern Backpack (Brown)


If you are looking to invest in a classic British-style piece, then stick with dark, neutral colors that will never go out of style.


This backpack from XIMIVOGUE is just the right size to house all your possessions. It is versatile to go with every outfit.


02  XIMIVOGUE British-style beret


Every British girl knows that a beret is essential to a chic wardrobe.


Elegant British Style Beret


Incorporating checks, which is another staple of British fashion, this beret is a fashion statement.


It can be worn to work to keep you warm or look chic over a cocktail dress on a night out.


03  XIMIVOGUE British-style scarf


Whether it is a chilly day or you are merely looking to add some flair to your ensemble, the British know that a warm scarf can be the perfect touch.


Classic Checks A/W Scarf(Black and White)


Classic checkerboard scarves are on regular in Brit closets having the power to elevate whatever you wear on your bottom half.


It will make sure you are protected when you are out in town, or walking on country lanes.


04  XIMIVOGUE clear long-handle umbrella


Whatever the time of year, Brits know that rain gear must always be on hand as it rains so much here.


Classic Stylish Clear Long Handle Umbrella


Clear umbrellas are particularly popular and conveniently match most outfits.


For the times when it is freezing outside or raining, it makes for the perfect British weather cover-up.


05  XIMIVOGUE British-style plaid headband


No wardrobe is complete without at least one British-style headband that is timeless and brings an element of sophistication.


Large Plaid Headband


This plaid headband can easily be styled for all seasons. In the summer, wear it with sandals and add a small bag. During colder days, add layering, jeans, and boots for the classic British style.


It is always a popular option for dining out, dating, or weddings.


06  XIMIVOGUE British-style sunglasses


No single accessory has the ability to add instant panache to an outfit like sunglasses. Practically, every British royal in the family owns a pair of them.


Stylish Elegant Sunglasses for Adults


Whether styled with a sundress or a pair of jeans, this pair of sunglasses will be the British-style girl’s go-to sunglasses for the season.


It is the piece you can rely on for everything, from weddings to cocktails.

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