XIMIVOGUE Magical Pony Themed Gifts for Kids


When My Little Pony first appeared in the early 1980s, it took the world by storm. These bright, beautiful, and fun ponies are famous for their colorful coats, rainbow tails, and manes.


For kids who just can’t get enough of the magical ponies, having a room filled with all things pony-related is the next best thing.


Capturing the beauty of ponies is not easy, but the following pony gifts from XIMIVOGUE do the best job of it and are sure to be well-received.


01  XIMIVOGUE dazzling pony plush backpack


There is no better way for your little one to show their love of ponies than by carrying a pony backpack like this one day in and day out.



Dream Color Bowknot Pony Plush Backpack for Kids


Perfect for holding all their essential school supplies, this stylish backpack can also be used to haul clothes and accessories to and from riding lessons.


Complete with rainbow manes and glittery horns, these beautiful ponies are ready to share adventures and fun with your kids!


02  XIMIVOGUE pony series flip-flops


This pair of colorful flip-flops gives you a magical pony color - perfect for those days that call for some fun in the sun.



Dream Pony Series Flip-Flops for Kids (Pink)


The uppers will keep that sensitive skin smooth, whether your kids get these flip-flops wet or are walking in the sand.


Wear them anywhere to show how much your kids are addicted to ponies!


03  XIMIVOGUE pony series tie-dye pony plush


Maybe you can’t afford to buy your aspiring kids their dream pony, but you can let them own a pony plush.



Dream Pony Series Tie-Dye Pony Plush Doll (M) (Pink)


The tie-dye design gives it a distinct look, young imaginations can’t help but indulge in hours of pretend play!


Put it under your Christmas tree and watch your little one go absolutely crazy with excitement on Christmas morning.


04  XIMIVOGUE glitter pony portable hair brush


Glitter, sparkles, and a cool hairbrush - what could be more fun?


Dream Pony Portable Glitter Hair Brush


Made to carry along on her travels, this hair brush is great for taking to shows or keeping at home.


Make grooming a fun activity with this hair brush that untangles untidy knots with ease.


05  XIMIVOGUE pony series 48 colored pencil set


Kids will have fun designing their dream ponies.


Dream Pony Polka Dot Series 48 Colored Pencils Set


This colored pencil set makes a fantastic gift that any young rider will love.


With 48 colors of pencils, it allows your little one to draw a picture of all the adventures they have with their pony.


06  XIMIVOGUE pony double-layered reusable cup


Many modern cups for kids now come with straws and they're a useful option to have around the house.



500mL/16.9fl.oz. Colorful Dream Pony Double-Layered Straw Plastic Cup (Colorful)


For kids who just can’t get enough of all things pony-related, preparing this reusable cup designed with a magical pony in their room is the epitome of cute.


Making all your kid’s pony dreams come true, get ready to add a dash of magic with this bright mug.

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