XIMIVOGUE Simple Hair Clips for Fine Hair


If you have fine hair, light-weight, small hair clips are optimal for keeping your fine strands in place. Luckily, there are simple hair clips in XIMIVOGUE that are fine hair-approved.


These hair clips are built mindfully without tugging or pulling, they will instantly glam up your hairstyle and will not place as much stress on the hair, which is especially important for fine hair textures.


01  XIMIVOGUE star candy color hair clips


Carry this set of star-shaped hair clips with you if you need to pin back your bangs or add a little statement to a top knot.


Boxed Star Candy Color Hair Clips (4 PCS)


Coming in a variety of color choices, they are ideal for holding back fringe hair, securing a half-up style, or simply as decorative pieces.


They are a super-sweet throwback that is great to add to short hair.


02  XIMIVOGUE dual-color square snap clips


Play with bold and bright colors and shaped like this clip set, which features a square shape and colorful hues.


Glossy Dual-Color Square Basic Hair Clips (4 PCS)


Coming in a four-pack, you are free to mix and match for a trendy look.


Whether you are dating or attending a wedding, these clips are a convenient and stylish solution.


03  XIMIVOGUE spade-shaped duckbill clips


Whether you are a cheerleader or business owner, these spade-shaped duckbill clips will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.


Boxed Solid Color Spade-Shaped Duckbill Clips (4 PCS)


Not only are they an instant throwback to the ‘90s, but they can hold up in both straight and curly hair textures.


Try them as a pretty accent around a low bun or a messy top knot.


04  XIMIVOGUE gradual color wavy hair clips


Are you looking for variety, beauty, and function? Buy this clip set from XIMIVOGUE to dazzle your layers and bangs.


Gradual Color Wavy Hairpins Set


It features a combination of wavy hair pins, hollow-out hair clips, and alligator clips for an eye-catching look.


They can be worn alongside the bigger ones or on their own.


05  XIMIVOGUE solid color basic hairpins


If you want to buy just one pack of hair clips and get a ton of different colors, check out this one. This set comes with 6 colors of hair clips that are all coordinating.


Solid Color Basic Hairpins (6 PCS)


These are basic hair clips whether they are for styling or keeping your hair out of the way for your skincare routine.


Plus, they have a unique shape and design, which can quickly and easily elevate a look.


06  XIMIVOGUE glossy rhinestone hairpin set


Everyone needs gold rhinestone hair pins for a special occasion or another day in the office.


Stylish Glossy Rhinestone Square Hair Pin Set


Giving off just the right amount of bling, these hairpins will add elegance to your look without the risk of falling out of your face.


Try stacking them all on one side of your head for a shiny side-swept look.

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