XIMIVOGUE Cute and Bright Primary School Stationery List


If your child is going back to primary school, that usually means it's time to buy new school supplies.


To make your life easier, XIMIVOGUE has created a handy back-to-school checklist that includes six essential school supplies to set them up for success.


01  XIMIVOGUE contrast color flip top backpack for kids


A good backpack that can withstand being packed full of primary school essentials is a must for every pupil when they set off for school.


Trendy Contrast Color Flip Top Backpack for Kids


These adorable backpacks for kids come in contrasting colors and will keep style-conscious kids happy.


Even better still, their high visibility is at the center of the design, keeping them safe and active when light levels are low.


02  XIMIVOGUE stationery set 6 pcs


Your kids will love showing off their new school essentials when they go back to class.


Bear and Rabbit Stationery Set for Students 6 PCS


These stationery sets are all for little learners and everything they need to fill their backpacks.


These dinky little sets comprise pencils, a pencil case, a ruler, a notebook, a sharpener, and an eraser, all in a compact case so pupils can keep their work neat and organized at all times.


03  XIMIVOGUE bear-shaped spiral notebook


Your kids will likely run through no fewer than a batch of notebooks during their lifetime as a student. This year, switch things up with this bear-shaped notebook.


Cute Bear Special-Shaped Spiral Notebook B6


These bear notebooks have lined paper to keep handwriting neat and the small size means they fit easily in backpacks.


Plus, each notebook has 60 pages, which tear out really easily thanks to the perforated edges.


04  XIMIVOGUE cat paw everlasting pencil


Now that you have their notebooks in place, get some fun and durable pencils for them to write with.


Lucky Cat Paw Everlasting Pencil 0.7mm


Give your kid’s simple pencil a new look with these ones with cat paw caps.


They are also shaped for easy grip and have an eraser on the end so your little one can rub out any mistakes.


05  XIMIVOGUE bunny-shaped pencil sharpener


A pencil sharpener ensures that lines are clear and thin, which can be important in mathematics and when drawing diagrams.


Sakura Bunny Series Pencil Sharpener


Make sure your kid is ready with a sharp pencil, thanks to this portable pencil sharpener.


Plus, this small, versatile, cute manual pencil sharpener can be carried conveniently in a pocket or pencil pouch.


06  XIMIVOGUE bear cheese erasers 3 pcs


Your little ones never have enough erasers in their pencil cases. There’s no chance of these cute bear and cheese-shaped erasers from XIMIVOGUE letting your kids down.


Bear Cheese Sharing Bucket Eraser


A way to brighten their day, this colorful assortment of erasers is certainly a sweet treat.


Coming in a handy package, they will keep clean within your kid’s school bag.

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