XIMIVOGUE Makeup Organizers for A Tidy Vanity


If you’ve been tucking your beauty products into a drawer or have them strewn across your vanity, the time has come to tidy up with a makeup organizer.


Upgrade your beauty routine with these makeup organizers from XIMIVOGUE! They can help keep your makeup and personal grooming items organized and easily accessible, saving you time and hassle.


01  XIMIVOGUE small makeup organizer with DIY stickers


This small makeup organizer helps you reduce clutter and maximize your space.


Small Stationery DIY Plastic Storage Box


It keeps every lipstick, eye shadow, and stick of concealer neat and tidy on your vanity without taking up too much space. Heck, you can even store your jewelry in it.


Not only is it entirely washable, but it effortlessly matches any style of decor.


02  XIMIVOGUE three-layer makeup organizer


Makeup organizers with clear compartments keep your cosmetics dust-free while also giving you an uninterrupted view of what’s inside.


DIY Stickers Three-Layer Plastic Drawer Storage Box


This makeup organizer has three layers for organizing your cosmetics, skincare, jewelry - you name it.


Sturdily constructed from plastics in a clear finish, it comes with chic bunny-shaped drawer pulls for a get-ready solution that’ll last for years to come.


03  XIMIVOGUE clear stackable makeup organizer


This individual organizer can be stacked one above another to create your own makeup counter.


Stackable Transparent Storage Drawer


With a stylish and practical design, it looks elegant and tidy. It can also be removed easily to clean and wash.


Its generously sized drawers are perfect for storing your daily beauty essentials and the top acts like a tray for holding your perfumes, skincare products, and other knickknacks.


04  XIMIVOGUE lipstick organizer with lid


Want to spiff up your vanity table? This sleek candy-colored lipstick organizer is the answer.


Desktop Cosmetic Plastic Storage Box


It makes it quick for you to find the lipstick you want and organize it by shade, brand, or season.


It also comes with a lid that keeps the lipstick safe from dust and water.


05  XIMIVOGUE matte oval makeup organizer


Whether you are putting on your face before leaving the house or taking your beauty products stash on the go, this clever organizer is a must-have.


Dull Polish Classy Storage Box (M) (White)


At one glance, its clear exterior reveals everything inside, so you’ll never have to dig through the depths of your makeup bag again.


There is no requirement for assembly, making it an easy piece to add to any vanity.


06  XIMIVOGUE hollow-out square makeup organizer


If you consider yourself a beauty hoarder, you are probably going to need something a little larger than a tabletop organizer like this from XIMIVOGUE.


Dull Polish Hollow-Out Large Square Storage Container


This hollow-out organizer features large capacity spaces to house your larger makeup palettes, brushes, and everything in between.


Not to mention, it is stable enough to hold bottles of lotion, soaps, and heavier makeup products.

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