XIMIVOGUE Educational Sports Toys for Future Sports Stars


Getting toddlers started with physical activity early can help establish a passion for exercise that can keep them active and healthy as they go through life.


Active play with sports toys is perfect for toddlers’ development because of the physical activity, problem-solving skills, and steer away from excessive screen time.


Here is XIMIVOGUE’s narrowed-down list of the best ones for inside and outside your home.


01  XIMIVOGUE hover football with light


Not everyone can play football outside, a hover football can make an excellent replacement for a traditional football.


Floating Football with Light (Electric)


This amazing hover football can glide over any smooth surface.


With LED lights on its domed top, it is fun to play in a dark room or outside at night.


02  XIMIVOGUE football gate toy set


Toddlers will get a lot of fun while they play football with their parents or siblings.


Football Gate


Shoot, score, and learn with the football gate toy set by XIMIVOGUE. It is perfect for toddlers to get exercise and burn off some energy.


Coming with an easy-assembly goal, a football, and an inflation pump for setup, this set is designed for use both indoors and outdoors.


03  XIMIVOGUE basketball hoop stand toy set


Basketball is an ideal way to learn how to take turns, work together as a team, and celebrate each other’s success.


Basketball Hoop Stand


With its adjustable height. this basketball set is a long-lasting investment for toddlers. It is not only great to aid in your kid’s height growth but never becomes too small for them to play with.


Before playing, add sand to its base for stability.


04  XIMIVOGUE swing set for kids


Quite a lot of toddlers love a swing, the sensation of their body moving through the air has something thrilling about it.


Swing Set for Kids


This swing set will help toddlers explore and develop their balance, foot-eye coordination, and lower-body dexterity.


It’s time to swing around with guaranteed giggles and happy faces!


05  XIMIVOGUE inflatable tabletop punching ball for kids


For times when you are stuck with urgent work, you won’t have to be guilty thanks to this punching ball set. It is easy for your toddlers to have a good time, all by themselves.

Inflatable Tabletop Punching Ball for Kids


This toy is a wonderful way to strengthen hand-eye coordination and efficiency.


Featuring a weighted base, toddlers won’t hurt to punch, making it a perfect set for toddlers who want to be introduced to the sport of boxing.


06  XIMIVOGUE baseball and golf 2-in-1 set for kids


Toddlers love the fun colors and shapes. This little 2-in-1 set is a great way to introduce golf and baseball to them.


Baseball and Golf 2-in-1 Set for Kids


Toddlers need to run, jump, and swing the bats to play, which can help them get exercise and stay active.


Designed for mental alternates and physical activity, this set also helps to develop spatial awareness.

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