Embrace Happiness with the XIMIVOGUE Monster Friend Series




XIMIVOGUE Monster Friends Series


We love fantasy creatures. It's not surprising that mythical monsters are everywhere, from classic fairy tales to modern movies. They represent what is missing in our lives, whether it is free will or justice.  


This Monster Friend Series by XIMIVOGUE features brightly colored monsters with funny faces, which add to their appeal.


Featuring four brightly colored monsters with humorous faces and characters, the series hopes to convey the idea of taking risks, loving life, and following your dreams.


Here XIMIVOGUE is ready to introduce our monster friends living on the planet named Monster-4 to you!


Brief introduction


At the edge of the universe, there is a small planet called Monster-4, inhabited by small, colorful monsters with different characters. There are four cute main characters on this planet: Tina,  Caspar, Conmy, and Tobby, all of whom are fun and have their respective characters.


01  XIMIVOGUE Monster Friend Series - Tina


Smart and intelligent, Tina has superpowers and loves to juggle ideas. Its dream is to help make every little monster's dreams come true.



As a pink character, Tina is for everyone to behold and appreciate. Its bright, vibrant shades are associated with love and kindness. It evokes feelings of joy and happiness. With its companion, there are no worries, and you have everything in life that you ever wanted.


02  XIMIVOGUE Monster Friend Series - Caspar


Considered by many to be amusing, Caspar is curious about everything in his life. It seems like every day is filled with joy and excitement. Its motto is also: In fact, there is a rainbow every day but you have not encountered it yet.



The color yellow of Casper is bright and intense, which is perhaps why it can invoke active feelings. Appearing warm and bright, Casper is considered happy, joyful, and warm.


03  XIMIVOGUE Monster Friend Series - Conmy


Despite having a low temper and sometimes being impulsive, Conmy has a sweet, clear voice, able to heal others by singing melodious songs. It has a large fan base on planet Monster-4.



The color purple is associated with wisdom, creativity, spirituality, and peace. This cute and cuddly character is an advocate for peace, unity, and friendship. It uses music to bridge gaps between residents on Monster-4 planet.


04  XIMIVOGUE Monster Friend Series - Tobby


Born with a love for the world, Tobby is shy and obedient while brightening up planet Monster-4 with his positive energy.



For many people, the color green is a refreshing and tranquil color. Toby in green color fills everyone's soul with joy. Its mission is to deliver happiness and bring a positive and happy life to every little monster.


Let’s welcome XIMIVOGUE‘s Monster Friend Series and embrace happiness with the four monsters!

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