Funny XIMIVOGUE Sand Toys Designed for Kids


The beach is an ideal place to enjoy the sand, water, and sunshine. While your dream beach day may be about relaxation, kids often prefer a few distractions.


Sand toys can keep kids busy and engaged on their beach adventures, while you enjoy time together as a family.


Here, browse the sand toys for kids, from versatile buckets to too-cool carts.


01  XIMIVOGUE castle bucket and shovel set


Beach buckets are necessary for any fun day at a shore.



Castle Beach Bucket + 4Shovels


It acts as a container that you can take to the beach, it can also be used to fill with water to wet the sand and help the castle keep its shape.


Calling for sandcastle-building fans! It can also be used in the snow!


02  XIMIVOGUE sand bucket toy set


This is a great set to bring younger and older kids together and encourage sharing among family and friends.


Sand Beach Bucket Toys 7PCS / Set


Coming with 8 pieces that offer endless play opportunities, this set can be filled with water or sand, used as a mold - the list goes on.


Its bright color palette gives it an on-trend aesthetic that’s pretty Instagrammable.


03  XIMIVOGUE beach engineering cart toy set


A good, sturdy cart toy is essential for playing in the sand.


Beach Engineering Cart Toy (6 Accessories)


Keep things nice and pastel with this beach cart toy set. You'll love all the sand molds – from crabs to fish to turtles – along with the included scoop to scoop the sand into.


The cart has large wheels that leave beautiful patterns in the sand. All items are stored neatly in the cart for simple storage.


04  XIMIVOGUE pink beach bucket toy set


Do you have a pink-obsessed little girl at home? Then you can't go wrong with this pink-inspired sand toy set.


Pink Beach Bucket Toys 5PCS / Set


It can be played in water or on land and can be used to teach your child hand-eye coordination, sorting, and other skills.


A fun idea: bury that beach toy somewhere in the sand and send your kids on a scavenger hunt to find it!


05  XIMIVOGUE beach forklift toy set


If your child loves everything about lifts and moves, this set is one of your best options.


Beach Forklift Toys Set(4 Count)


Not only does it fit your backyard sandbox, but it also has a design that makes beachside fun even more fun.


It allows kids to push, dig, and dump, helping them develop balance, strength, and motor planning skills.


06  XIMIVOGUE beach excavator toy set


This excavator provides the opportunity to build strength, precision, and body awareness.


Beach Excavator (with Two Rakes)


It allows kids to use their motor skills to pick up and move sand, which will likely help build their majestic creations.


Kids will love pushing it across the beach, digging out a moat, a puddle, or anything else they have in mind.

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