XIMIVOGUE Statement Earrings in Fall


Sometimes when an outfit needs a little special, it really needs a pair of statement earrings, to add a pop of color, heft, movement, contrast, and texture.


In 2023, the world of statement earrings is bursting with creativity and fashionistas are embracing bold and beautiful designs.


Are you feeling inspired by the looks from this fall's couture shows? Explore our collection of statement earrings and have fun experimenting with these current trends!


01  XIMIVOGUE flower-shaped rhinestone stud earrings


Blossoming from the radiant expression of the five-petal flower, these earrings highlight an iridescent appearance finished in silver and studded with alloy in colorful tones.


Sweet Cool Rhinestone Stud Earrings


These chic styles sound “statement” without seeming too extravagant.


Wear these rhinestone-encrusted earrings with a floaty floral dress to a wedding.


02  XIMIVOGUE retro baroque stud earrings


If you're a fan of bolder styles, look no further than these dangling earrings.


Retro Baroque Stud Earrings


With a graceful teardrop design, these earrings are encrusted with exotic baroque details that evoke elegant artistry.


Create the ideal finishing touch with this pair of earrings for everything from simple outfits to cocktail outfits.


03  XIMIVOGUE water drop zircon stud earrings


Abstract earrings are a conversation starter!


Water Drop Zircon Stud Earrings


These stud earrings are created in proportions that give a modern feel by creating a drippy accent in the design.


These earrings will add a highlight to a simple date. You can wear them with everything from your favorite t-shirt and jeans combo to a little black dress.


04  XIMIVOGUE purple crystal stud earrings


With a seductive shape strung with tassels and accented with purple crystals, these pearl pendants are designed to elegantly flatter your jawline.


Purple Crystal Stud Earrings


They are so lightweight that you won't even feel like you're wearing them all day.


Wear them with a strapless dress, a bun, and rose-red lipstick.


05  XIMIVOGUE butterfly-shaped stud earrings


Ornate enough to adorn your ears with ease, these butterfly earrings enhance the beauty of your outfit.


Sweet Cool Exquisite Stud Earrings


They have weight and strength while adding a bit of geometry and structure to create a casual look.


Be careful, these will capture light from all the flash bulbs.


06  XIMIVOGUE contrast color stud earrings


You can never go wrong with a bit of sparkle. Add some texture to your look with black and white earrings that are sure to attract attention.


All-Match Contrast Color Stud Earrings


Undeniably divine, the appearance of circle earrings instantly elevates any look they are paired with and makes them the highlight of the whole look.


A pair of earrings that you can wear and pair with any day of the week or outfit of your choice.

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