Trendy XIMIVOGUE Mid Calf Socks for Every Activity


Whether you are a fan of classic socks or enjoy a jaunty flash of color at your ankle, a pair of mid-calf socks can just spring in your step.


If you’d most likely plan an entire outfit around them, or just show off your socks, XIMIVOGUE recommends shopping our edit for the most trendy mid-calf socks for ladies.


01  XIMIVOGUE bear series mid-calf socks


As soon as there is a slight chill in the air, you can count on these cute socks being an everyday staple.


Retro Bear Series Mid-Calf Length Socks for Ladies 1 Pair


It’s simply a bonus that these socks come with some fun bear prints, which will easily spread a little joy.


Pair them with your next cozy autumn movie marathon for extra comfort.


02  XIMIVOGUE cartoon apple mid-calf socks


Apple patterns are everywhere right now - and now they are on our feet, too.


Cute Cartoon Mid-Calf Length Socks for Ladies 1 Pair


Available in a slew of design options, they will add a pop of color to your life. Why not be bold and go with bright blue and green?


You can pair them with a loafer, and wear them under boots - the options are seemingly endless.

03  XIMIVOGUE retro geometric mid-calf socks


Who said socks had to be boring? It’s OK to ditch your typical pair for a fun pattern that instantly adds a little fun to your outfit.


Classic Retro Geometric Mid-Calf Length Socks for Ladies 1 Pair


These retro-inspired socks feature an assortment of prints, like checkerboards, plaids, and a playful bunny pattern.


Thanks to their sit-by-the-fireplace feel and cozy exterior, they are ideal for lounging around the house.


04  XIMIVOGUE pink series mid-calf socks


If loafers and strappy heels are a staple in your fall and winter wardrobe, consider these a sign to treat yourself to a few pairs of these frilly mid-calf socks.


Pink Series Mid-Calf Length Socks for Ladies 1 Pair


These are true fashion socks, designed to be shown off as part of your outfit.


The best part is that the elastic on them doesn’t dig into your feel while wearing them, so you preserve comfort all day long.


05  XIMIVOGUE black-pink striped mid-calf socks


If you’re going for a sporty chic fit, these socks should be in your wardrobe.


Black Stripe Series Mid-Calf Length Socks for Ladies 1 Pair


Featuring cute contrasting stripes and ribbed texture, these socks are that we never want to take off.


Whether you rock this look with jeans, shorts, or a sundress, these striped socks are just the thing.


06  XIMIVOGUE green series mid-calf socks


These casual mid-calf socks are made of soft, stretchy fabric, they are endlessly comfy to keep your footwear fresh.


Green Series Mid-Calf Length Socks for Ladies 1 Pair


They are ideal for both hammering miles on the roads and treadmill, and winding down with some post-run yoga.


Being plenty cushioned, the taller height offers more protection from dirty and chilly air.

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