Brighten Up Your Summer Wardrobe with Flower Ear Clips



When you think of summer, you think of fun, adventure, and playfulness, right? That’s right. The same is true for summer fashion and, of course, summer jewelry.


To help you keep up with the latest trends, XIMIVOGUE has compiled 6 pairs of floral clip-on earrings that can add the perfect finishing touch to your style.


The flower madness isn't over yet. Give it a listen.


01  XIMIVOGUE zircon bow and flower ear clips


These clip-on earrings shine brightly like the first rays of sunlight on a beautiful summer morning.


Elegant Zircon Collection Ear Clips #14


The openwork gold flower shape combines with a playful bow design for a radiant and feminine look.


Pair them with a flowy summer dress or chic one-piece to instantly elevate your daytime look.


02  XIMIVOGUE butterfly and flower ear clips


What a sparkle and shine look! These floral ear clips can give your dress a worthwhile addition.


Elegant Zircon Collection Ear Clips #18


With elegant white butterfly pendants, these lovely-looking clip-on earrings perfectly display your beauty and elegance with an updo.


Imagine walking through a sunlit meadow, with vibrant flowers swaying in the breeze and these ear clips flitting gracefully around your ears.


03  XIMIVOGUE lily simple ear clips


Lilies have long been admired for their pristine beauty.


Elegant Zircon Collection Ear Clips #17


These ear clips feature zircons studded throughout the center of the silver lily petals, making them the perfect complement to a delicate, romantic upstyle.


This set is perfect for adding a fresh sparkle to any summer dress. Warning: you'll want to wear them again and again.


04  XIMIVOGUE camellia ear clips with square zircon pendants


These clip-on earrings are a summer treat for anyone lucky enough to bask in the sun on a beautiful summer day.


Elegant Zircon Collection Ear Clips #11


Each camellia has a pearl at its center, making it the centerpiece for a touch of sparkle sure to leave you feeling like the star of summer.


The square zirconia pendant gives these clip-on earrings a modern touch, enhancing their beauty.


05  XIMIVOGUE five petal ear clips with bud pendants


These eye-catching clip-on earrings are perfect for anyone looking for something vibrant and refreshing.


Elegant Zircon Collection Ear Clips #16


Inspired by the dense flower buds just before blooming, these earrings are the most striking design element of this piece of jewelry.


Pair these drop earrings with a simple yet elegant dress for a striking ensemble.


06  XIMIVOGUE flower dangle ear clips


These earrings are dangling with several zirconia drops that mimic the pattern of water droplets on the petals of a garden in the early morning.


Elegant Zircon Collection Ear Clips #19


They move on your ears as the flowers move and sway in the summertime breeze.


Pair them with a colorful dress and enjoy the grace and magic of Mother Nature.

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