Dive Into A Mermaid World with XIMIVOGUE Items


For those who have a special feeling for the enchanting story of Ariel and her underwater adventures, the appeal of mermaid gifts for adults will never fade.


It's a nostalgic connection to childhood, reminding us of the days when we believed in magic, dreamed of exploring  the underwater world, and sang along to "Part of Your World."


Whether you're a fan of mermaids or simply fascinated by the charm of her underwater world, these mermaid-inspired items are a great way to keep the magic alive.


01  XIMIVOGUE mermaid reusable travel cup


Princesses must have their own cups, and so should you. Having these mermaid cups on your desk will make it much easier.


350ml/11.83fl.oz. Mermaid Creative Plastic Cup


These cups' interior is adorned with scales reminiscent of a mermaid's tail, shimmering and iridescent under the light.


Its double-wall insulation keeps beverages at the desired temperature, whether piping hot or refreshingly cold, allowing you to savor every sip without compromise.


02  XIMIVOGUE mermaid snow globe


Mermaid fans can use this snow globe to create room decor that shines as beautifully as the ocean itself.


Delicate Mermaid Princess Crystal Ball BS055(100#)(L)


This snow globe is perfect for bedtime routines for kids and adults.


Within it, a quiet underwater scene unfolds. Delicate snowflakes dance around the majestic mermaid as if she gracefully glides between colorful coral reefs and swaying aquatic plants.


03  XIMIVOGUE mermaid hairbrush


If you want to put a smile on someone special's face, why not buy them a classic dresser staple that they'll come back to again and again?


Fairy Mermaid Mini Glitter Hair Brush


At first glance, this mermaid hair brush has an impressive shell-like design that makes you think of a treasure washed ashore.


It takes you to an underwater paradise with each stroke, where mermaids frolic among coral reefs and schools of shimmering fish.


04  XIMIVOGUE mermaid claw clip


Sometimes even mermaids have to tie their hair back. When the time comes, they will be happy to attach this claw clip to their ponytail.

Ocean Fish Metal Claw Clip


This beautiful mermaid tail claw clip is ethereal and is mismatched because just like mermaid tails, no two are alike.


For a relaxing beach day, simply tie your hair up in a loose bun or twist and secure with this claw clip for an effortlessly chic hairstyle.


05  XIMIVOGUE mermaid bracelet


Mermaids also dress up. Take a little inspiration from our underwater sisters with this bracelet as you dress up.


Double Layered Fishtail Bracelet


Featuring opals, gold-tone beads, and fishtail charms, this bracelet brings out the grace of a mermaid.


You can wear it as an everyday accessory or to summer barbecues, birthdays, pool parties, etc.


06  XIMIVOGUE mermaid tail earrings


Wow, these are lovely earrings! Gold and silver go well with any style of outfit.


S925 Silver Needle Fishtail Hoop Earrings


Bring a little mermaid vibe to your next beach get-together or music festival with these fishtail earrings, a true mermaid statement.


You can also mix and match to spice up your look.

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