Explore the Wonderful World with These Sticker Sets for Kids


Stickers have been a childhood staple for many years. We all remember the days of collecting them, displaying them in scrapbooks, pasting them on our belongings, or gluing them to our bodies.


These days there are lots of sticker options that allow kids to express their creativity and even learn new things.


Let's say you're looking for some funny stickers to entertain your kids. XIMIVOGUE has some fun sticker sets that are fun and educational for kids of all ages.


01  XIMIVOGUE crystal decoration stickers


Sorting and selecting stickers of different colors helps young children learn about colors and develop color-recognition skills.


Shiny Crystal Deco Stickers


Does your child love sparkling stars, flowers, water drops, and heart shapes? Then they'll love this crystal sticker set.


Each crystal sticker on this set is like a little gem that can be applied to paper, notebooks, or other surfaces, turning ordinary objects into sparkling masterpieces.


02  XIMIVOGUE princess dress up stickers


If your child loves princess dolls, this sticker set will become their new favorite.


Little Princess Dress Up Stickers


Each sticker sheet features a princess character and dresses of the character. Perfect to work on with your child over several afternoons.


These enchanting sets also include a variety of stickers featuring dazzling dresses, sparkling tiaras, and other royal accessories that young princesses can use to decorate themselves and their favorite characters in style.


03  XIMIVOGUE under sea 3D stickers


Beneath the surface of the ocean lies a world full of vibrant colors, fascinating creatures, and breathtaking landscapes.


Fantasy Sea World 3D Double-Layer Stickers


This set of underwater ocean stickers includes a variety of stickers depicting different marine life such as fish, dolphins, turtles, and coral reefs, as well as underwater plants, rocks, and shells.


Now, kids can embark on their underwater adventures with this set of stickers!


04  XIMIVOGUE summer ice pop series stickers


As the temperature rises and the sun shines brighter, there's no better way to beat the heat than with a refreshing ice cream.


Cool Summer 3D Stickers


With bright colors and attractive designs, these stickers will help children learn about popsicles, ice cream, lollipops, and colorful candies.


Pick up your favorite variety, peel and stick, and let the summer fun begin!


05  XIMIVOGUE 3D little girl stickers


These stickers for girls feature a unique three-dimensional design that brings the characters to life in an imaginative way.


Lovely Little Girl 3D Double-Layer Dress Up Stickers


Kids can use it to decorate their notebooks, create personalized greeting cards, and decorate their belongings with their favorite characters.


With a wide range of stickers depicting different costumes, accessories, and characters, kids have endless possibilities to mix and match unique ensembles and stories for each play session.


06  XIMIVOGUE glitter puffy stickers


This adorable puffy sticker set emphasizes the concept of shape.


Shiny Puffy Sequins Stickers


Each sticker is embellished with generous sequins that catch the light, while the puffy texture adds a tactile dimension that invites kids' fingers to touch.


Use these stickers to create a magical atmosphere in your kid's room or playroom by decorating walls, mirrors, and furniture.

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