Invest In These Pretty Hair Accessories To Manage Thick Hair


There are many benefits to having thick hair. But finding hair clips for thick hair can be as difficult as Prince Charming trying to find Cinderella wearing the glass slipper.


Make the ultimate hair statement with the below hair accessories for thick hair and keep it looking great all day long. They provide extra support and are so cute you'll want to reach for them every day.


01  XIMIVOGUE macaron spiral hair ties


These spiral hair ties are lightweight and durable, perfect for thick curly hair, and can be used every day, including at the gym and yoga.


Colorful Spiral Hair Ties in Large Case 12 Pcs


With 12 pieces in pop neon colors, don't be afraid to express yourself with bold and bright colors!


The coils fit beautifully on your wrist and are stretchy, making them comfortable to wear as a bracelet when not in use, and suitable for use in a ponytail or messy bun at any time.


02  XIMIVOGUE colorful wool claw clip


If you have long or thick hair, you will need a large hair clip with a strong spring to hold everything firmly in place.


Crayon Wool Series Claw Clip #2


This large claw clip has an open rectangular design with a little extra room to securely hold all of your hair.


Featuring 5 interlocking teeth on each side, it provides comfortable yet sturdy support. Needless to say, it has fashionable and colorful wool decorations to suit every taste.


03  XIMIVOGUE oversize srcunchie with lace and ribbon


For those blessed with thick hair, traditional hair ties are often not enough.


Spring & Summer Girl Series Printed Hair Tie


Enter the scrunchies. This is a gentle and effective solution to tame and beautify even the thickest hair.


These fabric-covered hair ties provide more surface area and distribute hair weight more evenly, making them perfect for easily securing voluminous ponytails, buns, and braids.


04  XIMIVOGUE colorful snap clips


Snap clips may seem like an option for fine hair, but they can be used to easily control thicker sections of hair.


Small Basic Oval Hair Clips with Case (8 PCS)


These colorful snaps can be incorporated into a variety of hairstyles for thick hair. Simply leave your hair open and place it on one side of your head, or attach the clips on both sides.


Additionally, the contoured shape allows it to best fit your head shape. This will not let you down as the thick bristles will always stay in place.


05  XIMIVOGUE pastel duckbill clips


If you're going to heat style your hair, these duckbill clips are an absolute must-have. They are great for separating hair to make it easier to work with.


Boxed Candy Color Dull Polished Duckbill Clips (3 PCS)


These pastel-colored duckbill clips are unique in design and their hinge design makes them suitable for any kind of hair because it is going to hold the hair in place.


They are ideal if you have thick bangs and want to keep them tied up, also perfect for face washing and masks.


06  XIMIVOGUE thick sponge headband


Thick hair is something to flaunt, and headbands are a great way to show it off.


Spring & Summer Girl Series Girlish Sponge Headband


Unlike thin headbands that are difficult to stay in place, thicker headbands feature a wider design that fits comfortably around your head for a snug and secures fit.


These thick headbands are made from soft and gentle materials and are an ideal choice for those who want to protect their thick hair while enjoying a stylish and safe hairstyle.

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