Invest in Portable XIMIVOGUE Mini Fans This Summer


Whether you're still working from home or heading back to the office, you'll probably want to stay cool at work this coming summer.


A portable fan can be kept handy while you are at work or provide a nice breeze when you go to a hot place.


Here are our recommendations for portable fans which will keep you cool no matter where you are.


01  XIMIVOGUE electronic watch fan


This wristwatch fan is perfect for going to an amusement park with your kids or sightseeing on a hot day.


Mini Electronic Watch Fan LT-S3212


Its three-speed settings produce uninterrupted airflow that is powerful yet quiet, all without fan blades.


You can wear it all day and free up your hands to tackle other tasks.


02  XIMIVOGUE foldable handheld fan


This fan has a stylish appearance and is attractive enough to serve as a work of art when you're not looking to beat the heat.


Lovely Deer Foldable Handheld Fan DM-30


The handle can be folded up to 180 degrees and connected to a stand to keep it upright.


Brighten up your workspace and add a chic accent to your table by folding this fan up when not in use.


03  XIMIVOGUE LED light fan


When camping in warm weather, your tent may become hot. A lighted fan keeps the room bright and cool, so you can sleep more comfortably.


LED Light Handheld Fan TML-273


With a built-in LED, the fan can also function as a bedside lamp. While the fan is on, a soft white light flashes around the fan, making it visible even in the dark.


You can also dim the lights and use it as a night light when your child is sleeping.


04  XIMIVOGUE portable fan with lanyard


If you plan on traveling outside this summer, it's best to keep it cool.


Handheld Fan with Lanyard DM-58


This slim handheld fan easily fits on your wrist, making it perfect for travel.


Sturdy and durable, its fan gap is small so your fingers never get close to the blades.


05  XIMIVOGUE deer handheld fan


If you're looking for a compact travel fan, this mini handheld fan is the perfect choice. You can throw it in your bag and carry it around whenever you need it.


Lovely Deer Handheld Fan TML-275


Its simple on/off switch allows you to easily control the airflow according to your preference.


Plus, it is a practical companion to beat the heat while camping, commuting, or working.


06  XIMIVOGUE 360 degree clip fan


This fan is especially useful if you plan on taking your stroller-age child on a summer Disneyland tour.


360 Degree Adjustable Clip on Fan


This fan designed with a clip base is 360-degree adjustable, allowing you to direct the air wherever you need it.


Additionally, the clip's feet are non-slip, so the fan won't move or vibrate from the stroller.

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