Magical Unicorn Series for Unicorn Enthusiasts


ximivogue unicorn series

It is difficult to define what beauty is. But we all know that what pleases us both physically and mentally is beauty.


There are a lot of beautiful things in the world and unicorns are one of them.


As a kind of fantasy creature that is believed to bring luck to people, the unicorn is streaked with dreams and myths. Being the patron saint in the dark night, the unicorn weaves sweet dreams to guard every insomniac in the night.


Probably no girl can resist dreamy things. As the incarnation of nobility, beauty, and purity, the unicorn is packed with myth perception. Inspired by this, XIMIVOGUE launches a unicorn series to make every girl feel like she is in a dreamland.


01  Unicorn backpack


Fresh blue, dreamy purple, as well as elegant pink, are all indispensable elements in unicorn color matching. 

Unicorn Series Backpack for Kids


With white wings and a colorful mane, this unicorn backpack has all the dazzle and fantastical magic that a child could want.


There are compartments in this backpack, which help the kids have access to their items at any time.


02  Unicorn mirror

Rainbow Unicorn Series Round Portable Mirror


This unicorn round portable mirror is designed for unicorn enthusiasts! It looks pretty lovely and tiny to carry with when going out. Your beauty is perfect with this fashionable makeup mirror.


It is a foldable and practical pocket make-up mirror that has two sides. One side of it is ordinary and the other side has a magnifying effect, with which you can clearly see the tiny things.


03  Unicorn purse

Unicorn Clip Coin Purse


Unicorns and rainbows do seem like a perfect match in heaven. Both of them are rare, amazing and attractive. Nowadays they are commonly brightening our world in mysterious ways, giving us an experience of enchantment and illusion.


Join us to explore a dreamy unicorn world now!

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