Popular Chinese Idol Xu Kai Revealed As XIMIVOGUE Global Market Brand Ambassador


Xu Kai, XIMIVOGUE’s ambassador in the global market

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XIMIVOGUE is proud to announce that popular Chinese idol Xu Kai, is revealed as XIMIVOGUE’s ambassador in the global market since July 15, 2023!


To further convey its mission of “delivering happiness and surprise to global consumers”,  XIMIVOGUE decided to cooperate with popular idols with a positive self-image to advocate a high-quality and cost-effective lifestyle.


XIMIVOGUE 10 categories of products


Owning over 1400 stores in the global market, XIMIVOGUE is well known as a fast-growing international fast-fashion retail brand in 66 countries and regions, including Australia, USA, the UK, Canada, France, Netherlands, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Armenia, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, etc.


As a perfect mix of both quality and affordability, XIMIVOGUE products have covered 10 main categories of everyone’s daily life, including household products, beauty series, fashion accessories, office and stationery accessories, gifts, seasonal products, bags, toys, plush dolls, pillows, digital products, sports and fitness equipment, and so on.


Popular China young idol Xu Kai with 20 million followers on Weibo


Targeting the consumer groups aged from 12 to 25 years old, XIMIVOGUE invites Xu Kai, a gentle and inspiring young actor, and model in China, as its brand ambassador in the global market to leverage his positive influence on the young generation.


As a representative of Gen Z who are making waves in fashion, Xu Kai has a large fan base of 20 million on Weibo in China with his popular works. In line with XIMIVOGUE’s target consumers and lifestyle, Xu Kai will continue to work with XIMIVOGUE to bring more surprises to fans and consumers.


Fans and consumers are not only able to get Xu Kai’s gift packages by participating in social media interaction sessions but also get Xu Kai-related gifts from XIMIVOGUE brick-and-mortar stores in China by joining exciting campaigns. There are various opportunities to get Xu Kai’s merchandise, signed posters, stickers, postcards, necklaces, and skateboards during the cooperation.


XIMIVOGUE global stores


During the campaign, it is believed that the social media interaction rate and sales performance of online and offline XIMIVOGUE stores will be increased rapidly. The cooperation with Xu Kai in the global market signals the upgrade of XIMIVOGUE’s global brand strategy. In the near future, XIMIVOGUE will still act as not only a fast fashion retail brand but also an advocate of a cost-effective lifestyle.


XIMIVOGUE looks forward to your visit and cooperation. Just keep following us to discover more surprises!

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