XIMIVOGUE Back To School Supplies for A Successful Semester


Back to school is one of the busiest times of the year.


The right back-to-school supplies can make the difference between being ready for the new school year.


To ensure you don't start the first day of school unprepared, XIMIVOGUE has rounded up some essentials for students to make their day at school a positive and fun one.


01  XIMIVOGUE camouflage astronaut backpack for students


A backpack is essential for all your needs, so why not choose a cool one? This pastel camouflage astronaut backpack tops the list.


Camouflage Astronaut Large Backpack


It's a sturdy bag that's big enough to hold your laptop, water bottle, books, and other school supplies.


It also doubles as a sports bag or day trip bag. With plenty of storage space, zippered compartments, a water bottle holder, and padded adjustable shoulder straps.


02  XIMIVOGUE spiral notebook with ruler and dividers


Since notebooks are usually used heavily daily, you should choose a sturdy model. This notebook has a durable cover and a sturdy wire spiral.


Clear Ruler Spiral Notebook with Dividers Tabs B5


If you are using the same notebook for multiple classes, the divider tabs in this notebook help to separate subjects and schoolwork. They also help separate different units within the same class.


Whether it's a geometry class or an art project, students need a ruler. The handy ruler set that comes with this notebook allows for precise measurements.


03  XIMIVOGUE cartoon animal transparent pencil case


If you prefer a more subtle (but equally cute) option, this pencil case has plenty of space to store pens, pencils, markers, erasers, paper clips, and even a small stapler or stapler.


BOBO Family Clear Pencil Case


It is made from a durable, see-through material so students can easily see what's inside without having to rummage through their belongings.


It can also be used as a makeup case or a small wallet for travel. It's waterproof, and the case is available in four cartoon-animal designs.


04  XIMIVOGUE cartoon pet sticky note set


Do you want to optimize your day? Track all your tasks. Celebrate your successes?


Lovely Little Pet Sticky Notes Set


These sticky notes help students organize their notes and mark important pages in their textbooks. They can also be used as notes, to-do lists, and memos.


Write a little message to a friend, decorate your locker, or even create your own sticky note art.


05  XIMIVOGUE 0.5mm clickable gel pen set for students


These cute gel pens make note-taking more fun. Their ink is best described as buttery smooth.


Sugar Star Gel Pen 0.5mm Black 3PCS


A simple click gets you to use the pen, eliminating the need to fiddle with the cap, and making it perfect for students who need to quickly jot down ideas or switch between different tasks.


It clips easily to your notebook, folder, or bag, so you always have a reliable writing instrument close at hand.


06  XIMIVOGUE water bottle with two compartments


During long lectures, it is very important to drink enough water. This 830ml water bottle is the perfect option to beat the heat on a hot day.


830ml/28.07fl.oz. Fruit Creative Plastic Cup


It has a leak-proof lid so neither your electronics nor your documents will get wet. It also has a practical handle for easy carrying.


The most important feature of this water bottle is its two separate compartments. This design allows students to carry two different drinks in one container without having to mix them.

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