XIMIVOGUE Famous Painting Series


XIMIVOGUE Famous Painting Series


Art Is the spice of life.


Life is filled with art, which can be inflected in the things we use.


Art derivatives inspired by famous paintings have enormous market potential. They are a kind of affordable cultural and creative products that are derived from famous artworks.


This Famous Painting Series developed by XIMIVOGUE are inspired by world-famous masterpieces such as Sunflower and Starry Night.


Sunflower series


Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh presented his perspective on the world through fantastic Post-Impressionistic paintings.


Van Gogh’s paintings of sunflowers are among his most famous, which had a special meaning for him.

Famous Painting Series Sunflower A5 Hardcover Notebook


This A5 hardcover notebook focuses on efficient planning and scheduling your life.


This notebook is designed with a beautiful hardcover. Plus, there are 96 sheets in a notebook, which provide you with an ample place to jot down your ideas, thoughts, and notes.

Famous Painting Series Creative Sunflower Canvas Bag


This canvas bag is inspired by the masterpiece "Sunflowers", which is both fashionable and practical.


It is made of sturdy canvas with a simple and stylish design and magnetic snap. Its generous interior is great for carrying out books, tablets, and other stuff you need.


Starry Night series


Starry Night is one of the most magnificent pieces of art all over the world. It can also be seen on the Famous Painting Series of XIMIVOGUE. Starry Night is recognized by so many people proves that its beauty is timeless.

Famous Painting Series Starry Sky Cylinder Fabric Storage Container


It is designed with a high-quality fabric that is lightweight but durable for frequent usage.


The spacious interior and smart design are ideal for holding different kinds of things. 

Famous Painting Series Double Layers Anti-scald Plastic Coffee Cup 520ml/17.5fl.oz.(Starry Sky)


This double-layer plastic coffee cup is comfortable and non-slip, which can be used for holding both hot and cold drinks. 


Besides, its spiral mouth and sealing ring design is great for preventing water from leaking out. 


There are more products of XIMIVOGUE’s Famous Painting Series waiting for you! Pick them and enjoy their beauty with us! 

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