XIMIVOGUE Indonesia New Joint Operation Store News Reported by Media Indonesia


The development of the FMCG industry and the popularity of fast fashion stores have witnessed fast fashion FMCG brands become more and more attractive for those who want to start their business in a short time with lower investment risks.


As a global fast fashion FMCG brand, XIMIVOGUE has opened more than 1,400 stores in 60 countries and regions in just a few years. It has successfully met the entrepreneurial needs of international investors and developed effective products to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.


XIMIVOGUE stores in Indonesia


In line with its global strategies, XIMIVOGUE launched a new business model - a joint operation for its global partners to seek more business opportunities.


In 2020, XIMIVOGUE entered the Indonesian market and signed contracts with famous local investors. As one of the key markets for XIMIVOGUE's international expansion, Indonesia has been carefully chosen as the pilot country for XIMIVOGUE's joint operation model.


Currently, XIMIVOGUE has opened 7 stores in Indonesia and plans to open more stores soon. All its stores in Indonesia are located in popular shopping centers with good customer traffic. There is no doubt that XIMIVOGUE will shine in Indonesia and the world in the future.


XIMIVOGUE joint operation store in Indonesia


Since their opening, these two joint-operation stores have drawn the attention of consumers quite well. Its exquisite jewelry wall, new icon "MiBear" selfie promotion, various discounts, prizes, vouchers, and more, further boosted its sales performance and awareness.


The grand opening and popularity of these two stores also drew attention from many famous media, which helped a lot in shaping XIMIVOGUE’s public perception and reputation.


XIMIVOGUE on Media Indonesia

 Founded in 1970, Media Indonesia is well known as the second-largest Indonesian weekly newspaper in Indonesia. It is committed to presenting authentic news to meet the news needs of readers.


On the opening day, Media Indonesia reported the news of these two XIMIVOGUE joint operation stores opened in Jakarta. In its article, XIMIVOGUE was highlighted by its new store concept and exclusive promotions and activities for its loyal customers. It is believed that through Media Indonesia’s report, XIMIVOGUE’s products and services will be more widely known in the future.


If you are interested in investing in such a joint operation store, check the below simple steps, and feel free to contact us right now!


XIMIVOGUE joint operation process



Visit www.ximiso.com and fill up the contact form, our international business managers will contact you within 24 hours.


2. Site Selection

Select a district or location for your to-be-open store, and our team will help you with the store evaluation.


3.Store Prep

Sign a joint operation contract and make arrangements for store fitments. Our supervisors will support store operations, personnel management, ordering products, marketing activity planning, and the system.


4. Grand Opening

Get logistic and promotional support during the grand opening event of your new XIMIVOGUE store!


5. On-going Support

XIMIVOGUE will provide ongoing support for store operation and product replenishment. At least one staff will be dispatched to the store in charge of store operation, market research, training, and so on.

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