XIMIVOGUE Leads Shopping Wave Reported by Famous Media


The demand for fast fashion FMCGs is increasing as more and more consumers keep pace with the latest fashion trend. A fast fashion brand that covers a wide range of daily necessities is undoubtedly favored by a lot of consumers.


As a representative of such a fast fashion brand, XIMIVOGUE has 10 main categories of products covering various aspects of life. With its development in 93 countries, XIMIVOGUE now has become a famous international fast fashion brand. 

XIMIVOGUE Global Store Opening Ceremony


Within only 5 years, XIMIVOGUE has opened over 1700 stores all over the world. It has also renowned in some western European countries.


Recently, its news about leading a shopping wave was translated into different languages and reprinted by various media from western European. Let’s give you some examples:


Founded in 1953, Europa Press is a Spanish news agency offering general and specialized information by means of texts and audio. It is one of the main media and information sources in Spain, covering news services on international, economic, health issues, and more.  

XIMIVOGUE on europa press

As the web portal of the DPA subsidiary news portal, Pressportal is the most popular and largest PR portal in Germany. It has 15 million visitors per month. Currently, there are about 200000 mail subscriptions.

XIMIVOGUE on PressePortal

Established in 1963, Adnkronos is a popular news agency in Italy. Its international office was established in 2003 and provides news and reports in English and Arabic. Focusing on the news of economy, politics, cultural issues, and more, Adnkronos is known as one of the most important press agencies in Italy. 

XIMIVOGUE on Adnkronos

Benzinga is a famous news website mainly providing investment advice and analysis in aspects of finance, technology, media, and more. It publishes news on the global markets and offers a variety of subscription-based services for investors and audiences. 

XIMIVOGUE on Benzinga

XIMIVOGUE will still deliver happiness and surprises to global consumers by means of providing cost-effective daily products and reliable services. Look forward to your cooperation!

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