XIMIVOGUE Makeup Bags To Help You Better Organize Your Makeups


You spend time, energy, and money choosing the perfect cosmetics. These items require the best makeup bags to protect and organize.


Choosing the best makeup bag for you is similar to choosing the best foundation for your skin type.


XIMIVOGUE has put together six of his spacious, travel-friendly cosmetic bags so you can continue your skincare routine anywhere.


01  XIMIVOGUE diamond pattern bucket cosmetic bag


Have you ever wished you could show off all the cosmetics and toiletries you packed? Well, thanks to this makeup bag, your wish has come true.


Dream Glossy Diamond Check Bucket Makeup Bag (Pink)


It is very easy to open, close, and pack. Its full double-U zip closures keep everything easily accessible.


Just throw your makeup and brushes into it, zip it up, and you're ready to go. You have everything at your fingertips.


02  XIMIVOGUE pastel fabric square makeup bag


Looking for luxury and durability? This chic and classic makeup bag will keep your makeup safe and stylish.


Delicate Sweet Square Cosmetic Bag


A boxy silhouette that adds some structure but not too much, making it easy to pack and carry.


Even if you just want to keep it on your vanity table, it is truly a work of art.


03  XIMIVOGUE puppy mesh cosmetic bag


Easy to clean and pack, you'll fall in love with this cute and compact makeup bag.


Three Puppies Mesh Square Makeup Bag


It is spacious enough to hold almost everything, from creams to eyelash curlers to moisturizing lipsticks.


Also, since it's made of plastic, spills can be easily wiped up.


04  XIMIVOGUE colorful bucket cosmetic bag


If your travel cosmetic bag tends to look dirty after a few trips, you'll be happy to know that this bag has an artificial leather exterior.


Colorful World Bucket Makeup Bag


It's durable and well-constructed, so it won't get crushed or damaged in your suitcase. If makeup or dust gets on the outside while traveling, it can be easily wiped off.


It's also available in three color options to suit your style and mood.


05  XIMIVOGUE dark green wide open makeup bag


If you're looking for a stylish and portable travel makeup bag that you can throw in any bag, this is it.


Stylish Braided Cosmetic Bag with Wide Opens (Green)


The bag features a stylish woven design and opens onto a flat surface for easy access to your makeup.


The most interesting thing about this bag is that it looks very thin and compact when empty. However, once you stuff it with makeup, it contains an incredible amount of stuff.


06  XIMIVOGUE fruit series makeup bag


If you want to keep your beauty products close at hand when you're out and about, a bag that's small enough is the way to go.


Fruit Collection Party Handbag


This small makeup bag has a full zipper for easy access to its contents, and the fruit-print detailing on the outside is effortlessly chic.


It's small enough to fit in your weekend bag or shopping bag, yet large enough to hold a lipstick or pocket mirror.

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